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Annual Girl Scout cookie delivery lots of work, but enjoyable

February 27, 2002

Almost everyone seems to have their favorites, whether it's the Thin Mints or the Peanut Butter Patties or the Caramel de Lites.

So it's not unusual that people look forward to an annual visit from a Girl Scout laden with boxes of cookies.

"There's some sort of Girl Scout cookie that everyone loves," Cheryl McCrary, Troop 607 leader, said. "They look forward to getting them."

But cookie lovers who have been anticipating the arrival of their order won't have to wait much longer. The Baldwin Girl Scout cookie shipment arrived last week.

McCrary said much work goes into delivering the cookies every year to those that placed orders.

"A lot goes into it starting even before we hand out the cookies," she said.

Every year, the cases of cookies are delivered by a semi truck to Joyce and Tom Hobson's garage.

"They start unloading and we count them as they go," Joyce Hobson said.

"We just hope we don't run out of room," Tom Hobson said.

This year 885 cases, each case containing 12 boxes of cookies, were dropped off at the Hobsons.

"There are quite a few," Joyce Hobson said. "It took about two hours to unload."

Once they are unloaded, the Hobsons then divide the cases up by troop making sure the correct cookies and amounts are in each pile.

Then sometime that afternoon or evening, the troops' cookie leaders pick up their orders.

"It's basically an all-day event," Joyce Hobson said. "But it's fun."

McCrary said the work doesn't stop there.

"The cookie leader starts sorting boxes," she said. "They painstakingly make sure the orders are correct in each troop."

She said they try to get the cookies out as fast as possible.

"Our hope is to immediately get those cookies delivered," she said. "It's a pretty quick turnaround."

McCrary said the girls look forward to the annual event.

"They like the excitement of selling them the most," she said. "It's pretty motivating."

But the Girl Scouts don't just sell cookies for fun.

"For a most troops, it's a main money maker," she said.

The money raised is then used to help fund troop events, activities and trips throughout the year, she said.

Even though people like helping the Girl Scouts, McCrary said it's probably the cookies that are the attraction.

"They really look forward to eating them," she said.

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