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Letters to the editor

February 20, 2002

To the editor:

(This is an open letter to Jace Newman, Manager Service Center at Westar Electric.)

Please forward this letter to all who should read it your supervisor, the outside crew supervisors and their supervisors, the suits in Topeka and your crew.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the outstanding job you have done during this ice storm. Thanks to the outside crews, the Repair Center crews and the crews from other electric companies.

I live approximately 5 miles south of Lawrence and lost power around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday. Full power was restored around 11 a.m. Friday. We stayed in our home during the outage.

We had two or three calls on Thursday from a service rep asking if our power was back on. The rep was surprised power was still off and mentioned they (Westar workers) were hoping power was on and assured us we were "next." Sometime between 8 and 9 p.m., several trucks and lights could be seen around the area. My husband went outside and spoke to one crew member. Some neighbors received power that night, but we didn't. Before 8 a.m. Friday, crews were back and working. As stated above, power was back at 11 a.m. Friday.

On Saturday, another truck pulled up outside. The driver informed me he was confirming that we had power. I said yes and shook his hand, thanking him for the long hours I know he and others had already incurred and were still to incur. He advised me that he was from out of town. Unfortunately, I was ignorant enough not to ask him his name and company.

I know even as I write this letter, you are still receiving frustrated and angry calls. Each of you needs to know and realize others out here (though some are still dark and cold) understand you are doing your very best for your customers. Some of you have even left your dark, cold homes and families to come in and answer telephones. Some are out in the dark and cold repairing lines so others may have light and heat.

I have heard the media mention this is probably the worst ice storm to hit the mid-west in a couple hundred years.

Thank you all for everything you have done and may God bless each of you this year.

Kelly Garrison


To the editor:

(This is an open letter to Fire Chief Allen Craig.)

This letter is a big Thank You! to you, the members of the Baldwin City Fire Dept. and others who helped to put out the fire at the storage building at 912 Orange St. Sunday afternoon, Feb. 10. It was clear that without your quick response and effective action, the whole building and contents would have gone up in flames. Because of what you all did, and the way you did it the loss was kept to a minimum. Please express my thanks and thanks from the tenants at 908 and 912 Orange St. to all who helped last Sunday. When I left the scene to go get my clean-up clothes on, it was obvious that you had the situation under control. I didn't realize that I wouldn't get back soon enough to express my thanks in person. Please let your whole crew know that the hours that all put in to protect Baldwin City and the surrounding area are very much appreciated.

Ralph and Roma Earles

Baldwin City

To the editor:

Farmers and Property Owners for Responsible Agricultural Land Use, Inc., are grateful for the decision made by KDHE, to reject the application for the proposed giant corporate dairy in northeast Franklin County.

Everyone in the region is appreciative for the efforts KDHE has made to protect the environment, our quality of life and the health of the public in general.

We have seen KDHE bend over backwards to help John Coen through the permitting process. The problem is the site is not conducive to a large dairy.

After much research, on Jan. 23, 2002, the decision was reached the intent to deny the application for a permit for the John Coen Dairy, for the following reasons:

I. The ground water at the Coen site is within 10 feet of the surface. Regulations require a 32 feet separation.

II. John Coen has had difficulty finding land for disposal of the manure. He has 621.77 acres of land available. This facility requirement is 1221.61 acres.

III. Plans for equipment are inadequate for protecting the health of our community and water.

John Coen has attempted to make this a personal fight against KDHE and his community when it is really a matter of poor planning on his part.

Mattie Perry, Wellsville

President, Farmers and Property Owners for Responsible Agricultural Land Use, Inc.

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