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Mediacom to offer Internet services

February 13, 2002

Cable won't just be about TV anymore.

In a matter of weeks, Baldwin City residents will be able to access the Internet through their cable connection.

John Depperschmidt said Mediacom will be able to offer cable Internet modem access to Baldwin within one or two months.

"We had hoped to have it launched around here a lot earlier, but we had to put it off a little bit," said Depperschmidt, who has been working on Baldwin's cable Internet system.

He said Mediacom is currently in the process of testing and checking Baldwin's system.

"Here in Baldwin, it's basically ready to go, but we want to make sure it's working before we launch it," he said. "We're hoping to have it ready in the next month or month and a half."

Mediacom's Internet service, he said, will be different than the current systems available in Baldwin.

"It's through the same cable that you're bringing your TV through," he said. "It is an always on connection. It doesn't tie up your phone lines."

Depperschmidt said the Internet speeds will be faster than those available as well.

"The speeds are up to about 50 times faster than a 56K modem," he said. "It is so much faster."

Also available with the cable Internet system, he said, are six e-mail addresses per account and 10 megabytes of Web space per e-mail address.

There is a monthly fee of $40 for Mediacom's cable Internet access, he said. There will be a cost increase if residents do not have cable TV service and the fee will decrease if customers already own their own modems.

Depperschmidt said he expects customers to be excited about Mediacom's new service.

"What we find is that a lot of users use the Internet a lot more when they don't have to dial up every time," he said. "They can just walk over and check something without having to take the time to dial up."

He said Mediacom is ready to provide Baldwin an Internet alternative.

"We're just pretty excited to be able to offer it in Baldwin," he said.

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