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Chocolate Auction set

February 6, 2002

It's a dream come true for chocolate lovers.

Around 150 chocolate delicacies, including cookies, pies, tortes and cream puffs, will be available for bidding during the Baldwin Community Arts Council's 14th annual Chocolate Auction Sunday at the Baldwin High School's commons area. Admission is $1.

"Some of the best cooks around get together and make chocolate delicacies that make your mouth water and your eyes pop out," said auction co-chair Christy Carlisle. "This town is full of bakers and they all each have their baking fantasia."

But chocolate won't be the only thing auctioned off. Local artists like Tom Russell, Jack Collins, Evonne English and Star Novak have donated pieces of art work to be bid on as well, Carlisle said.

"It's just a really good time," she said of the event.

The Chocolate Auction, which runs from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, starts with a silent auction. People will have an opportunity to bid on six or seven tables, including one for the children, full of the chocolate desserts, she said.

"Some of these people get a little competitive and they watch those tables," Carlisle said.

The silent auction will be followed by the live auction. She said refreshments and, of course, chocolate will be available to snack on throughout the auction.

But the Chocolate Auction wasn't started just to satisfy people's chocolate addictions. The event was started by the original Arts Council as a fundraiser, Carlisle said.

"It originally started as a fundraiser to provide funds for scholarships for arts for high school kids in continuing education," she said. "It's our major fundraiser for the year."

She said the auction has continued because of the community's support for the arts.

"I think people are really dedicated to the arts," she said. "It's important to expose our children to the arts."

Carlisle said she expects between 200 and 300 people at this year's event.

"The place is full," she said. "Some people make it an annual event. We draw people from Kansas City, Lawrence and Ottawa."

She said she encourages everyone to attend the auction.

"We invite everybody to come," she said. "We want everybody to come. Bring the family."

People are also encouraged, she said, to make a chocolate dessert for the auction. The dessert drop off time is at noon Sunday. She said desserts can also be dropped off early at C. Designs, 215 N. Sixth St.

"We are constantly getting new people coming in and donating items," she said.

Because the auction is so popular, Carlisle said she recommends arriving early.

"To see the full effect, it's better to be there at 2," she said. "It goes pretty fast. And you never know what's going to go first or last."

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