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Just some random thoughts

August 28, 2002

We're asking our readers this week to share their thoughts and ideas on the tragedy that was Sept. 11.

Like every other media outlet, the Signal will be doing a remembrance with this year's Sept. 11 issue. If you or someone you know around town was profoundly affected by the tragedy, we'd like to know about it.

But we'd also like to hear the thoughts of everyone on the subject. What did the terrorists' actions do to you? We'll take those as random thoughts or in letter to the editor format. We'll also see what kind of response we get and determine how we'll use them.

Readers can send their thoughts and ideas by mail at P.O. Box 970, drop them by the office at 703 High St. or send them by e-mail to We'd love to hear from you.

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  • As an early heads-up, there will be a special 9-11 remembrance at Baker University Sept. 11 from 9:50 a.m. to 10 a.m., which is the approximate time the World Trade Center towers fell. The Rev. Ira DeSpain, campus minister, mentioned it to me this morning. The details are being worked out and we'll have the information in next week's Signal.

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  • It's always good to see the Baker students back. Over the last four years, I've personally delivered copies of our annual Baker Edition to all the living quarters on campus. It's a great way to say welcome back.

I'm always amazed at how Lawrence becomes a traffic nightmare when the KU students return. I'm glad we don't have that here, although parking around campus sure becomes a premium.

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  • We've had an interesting discussion around the office concerning "surprise lilies" or "naked ladies." Those are the flowers that pop up every year about this time.

Does anyone know what their real name is? Are they known as both? I'd never heard the term "naked ladies," but after hearing the explanation for it, it makes sense. So does "surprise lilies," though. Any thoughts?

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  • I've had lots of people ask, so I'll share. Dropping Brett off at Drake University last week was rough, but I made it through. I followed the best piece of advice I received and that was not to say "good-bye, but so long. I'll see you soon." It worked.

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