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Japanese student shadows local vet

August 21, 2002

With a spiral notebook and pencil in hand and an electronic translator in his pocket, Shigeta Kono has spent the last two weeks learning the ins and outs of American veterinary medicine.

Kono, a fourth year veterinary student from Iwate University in Morioka, Japan, will spend a total of three weeks shadowing veterinarian David Nottingham at the Baldwin Junction Veterinary Clinic.

"He rides with me and sees what I do," Nottingham said. "He's been following me around and taking lots of notes."

Kono, 22, who is in a six-year veterinary program, said there are many differences between Japanese and American veterinary medicine. He said he has learned a lot at the Baldwin Junction Veterinary Clinic and from Nottingham, which he will be able to take back to Japan and apply during his final two years of veterinary school.

"Most universities in Japan have very few teachers that can teach clinical study," he said. "There's a lot new experience. Yes, yes a lot."

Nottingham said Kono has seen many procedures he hasn't been able to see in Japan.

"He's basically seen a lot of surgeries he's never seen before, horse procedures," he said. "He had never seen pink eye-type problems in cattle."

Kono has also had the experience of living with Nottingham's family during his three-week stay.

"It's been good," Nottingham said. "He likes to help us out a lot on the farm and I get to learn about Japanese culture and learn about Japan itself."

Kono said he's been able to experience more than just American veterinary medicine during his visit.

"The people are very kind," he said. "When I meet someone, everyone gives me a smile. Yes, they are kind.

"In the U.S. the scenery is very beautiful," he said.

Kono said his stay with Nottingham was a valuable experience, which he hopes to utilize in a Japanese clinic after graduation.

"I go back to Japan, I want to have people know a lot about animals in Japan, because in U.S. every people concern about animals and always they take care of them," he said.

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