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Enrollment numbers steady for Baldwin

August 21, 2002

It's been four days since school began and early enrollment numbers in the Baldwin School District are about what administrators were expecting.

"So far we're maybe a couple of students ahead of what we expected," Supt. James White said. "But enrollment's holding. I think things are going pretty well this year."

The district developed a budget for 1,330 students this year, which includes the YES program students. That's an increase of six students from the 2001-2002 school year, which White said is the increase the district saw this year.

"We would have liked to have been surprised with 25, 30 new kids," White said. "With the reduction in state aid we were hoping to pick up a couple more students."

He said enrollment numbers in each school in the district are close to what administrators anticipated.

Marion Springs Elementary School's enrollment numbers did not change from last year's 100 students. Vinland Elementary School, which lost a big fifth grade class last year, was expecting to have 10 fewer students, but at 95 students, currently has only five less than expected. Baldwin Elementary School currently has 419 students, which White said will increase with PEP enrollment to around the 425 students planned for.

Baldwin Junior High School has two more students than expected to make the total enrollment number 337 and Baldwin High School has around 427 students, which White said was what was anticipated.

Final enrollment numbers will be totaled on Sept. 20, but he said he didn't expect to see many changes from current figures.

"Normally we lose a few and get a few new ones in," he said. "It balances out. The first of the year numbers are pretty accurate."

But White said he does expect to see a bigger increase in enrollment numbers in the future.

"I anticipate over the course of the next year, we'll continue to see nice manageable growth," he said. "I expect to see us in the 15 to 20 student per year growth category in the next several years."

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