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Vinland Fair has good turnout, weather

August 14, 2002

Good crowds, good weather and good food helped combine for a memorable Vinland Fair last week.

"It went real well," said Mike Craig, who along with his wife, Julie, were presidents of the Vinland Fair Board this year. "I was real pleased with everything.

"We had a good turnout and we had good weather," said Craig. "Everything went well. I'm tickled to death."

It was the 95th version of the Vinland Fair, which is held on the fairgrounds just east of the town and north of the Vinland Elementary School. The fair, which ran Thursday through Saturday, is billed as an old-fashioned community get together without a carnival and commercialism. It filled the bill and the crowds responded, as usual.

"We had good crowds every day. The people you see are there every day. The come back," he said. "Thursday is usually our slowest night, but the PEO sold out of everything, so there must have been a good crowd. Friday is hard to gauge because of all the tractor pullers, but there were lots of people there.

"Saturday was probably our slowest night, but it's good to slow down and enjoy the visiting," Craig said.

There were a variety of events for young and old, including games and contests. The standard fare of fairs was also there all the produce and projects to be judged and awarded ribbons.

There was also plenty of what the Vinland Fair may be best known for good home cooked food. It's a big endeavor, but it always gets done.

"Some ladies will come up in the morning with three or four pies, then come back in the afternoon and ask if we need more," he said. "Then they'll go and make them.

"Sometimes you wonder how it's all going to get done, but somehow it does get done," said Craig. "We had a lot of good helpers. I usually don't have to go too far to find helpers. It's a lot of work, but it's nice. Even on Sunday when we were cleaning up we had plenty of help and got everything done."

Craig has been involved with the fair since he was born. He enjoys what it means to the Vinland community, which extends on south.

"I grew up doing it this way," he said. "It's changed a little bit. When I was a kid, it was just going down there and playing. Now I know about the work part of it. That stuff doesn't just get done on its own.

"It's the Vinland community, but we have a lot of people from Baldwin who help, too," said Craig. "It's a wide spread community."

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