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A ‘conversation’ about the Bulldog Bash

August 14, 2002

(The following is an alleged conversation that reportedly could have or might have occurred between Bash Organizational Committee (BOC) and former Baldwin High Alum Bruce Brecheisen, who currently lives in Florida. Bruce recently dropped off his three sons for an extended stay in Baldwin with their grandparents while he and his wife visited San Diego.)

BOC: So Bruce, I know you want to hear about the Bash, but first, what have you been doing the last few years and where do you live?

Bruce: Well, things have really gone quite well for me. I've got a great job, three athletically and academically gifted kids, a wife that would make Jennifer Lopez jealous and I live in a huge house in a high dollar neighborhood in Florida. Still, when one is a Brecheisen, one expects success and it's really been no surprise how successful my life has been.

BOC: Wow, Bruce, we're glad to hear things are going so well. So what do you want to know about the Bash?

Bruce: Well, mainly, I'm looking at the financial end if I end up coming back to Baldwin for the Bash, what's it going to cost me? I didn't get where I am today by throwing away money needlessly, you know.

BOC: It'll cost you $25, Bruce.

Bruce: Now that gets me a hot dog and a glass of lemonade, right?

BOC: Well, it gets you and your entire family all the food and refreshments they want and it gets the whole crew into the football game, too.

Bruce: Whoa! Look, I got me, my wife, and three boys we all get into the game on one ticket? You're kidding me! I'm a bit sharper than my dad, you know that's like five people!

BOC: Yeah, we know you're sharper than your dad, Bruce, but that's right. The entire family gets into the game and they get to eat all they want at the Bash.

Bruce: Wait a minute. For $25 we can chow down and eat four brats each as well as the side dishes and then get into the game? Unbelievable!

BOC: Well, there's more, too, Bruce. The kids can take part in the games and contests and win a bunch of coupons provided by Baldwin's local restaurants. Usually, each kid will end up with a bunch of coupons that can be redeemed for pizza, sandwiches, soft drinks and burgers.

Bruce: That's unreal! For $25 we'll get all the food we can eat, get into a ballgame and my macho sons will win a bunch of stuff? Wow! That's the best deal I've ever heard of I used to think coming back to Baldwin and winning the Baldwin Open whenever I wanted to was great but this Bash deal is the hottest thing around! How do you do it?

BOC: Well, it's pretty simple. We get most of the stuff donated and the help is all volunteer or people that have been tricked or coerced into working. When you get cheap help and free stuff it's a pretty economical operation.

Bruce: You got that right So what does my money go to?

BOC: That's the best part, Bruce it goes directly back into activities for kids within the school district. Heck, you were even in some activities when you were in high school, weren't you?

Bruce: Dang right! Actually, in my day we had some serious stud golfers at BHS guys like Mike Grammer, Kent Lauridsen and me are still local golfing legends. When you're a Brecheisen, you get a bottle and a golf club in the crib! So where can I buy a ticket?

BOC: Any activity or sport that wants to sell tickets has been invited to join in the profits from the Bash.

Bruce: Gosh that sounds like capitalism I like it I'm a worldly business guy and it's kind of set up pretty simple. It looks like the Bash can be a pretty good deal for the kids of Baldwin. Too bad there isn't any entertainment or it would really be cool!

BOC: Bruce! Have you been living under a rock? There is entertainment! Live music, raffles, performances by the pom squad, Baldwin band and cheerleaders! Throw in all the food your family can eat, admission to the game and a bunch of prizes for your kids and it's a bargain, dude!

Bruce: Wow! Double wow! I'm in awe! $25 for all that heck, I spend $25 on a tip alone at one of the trendy lunch spots I go to in Florida! The Bash is the best deal ever! I spend $25 on my morning latte and bagel on the way to work! I'd say the Bash looks to be a Baldwin bargain I might just charter the corporate jet and bring my family back up from Florida for this thing! Tell Coach Berg I might have a couple reverse counter options that I would share with him. Go Bulldogs!

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