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Letters to the editor

April 24, 2002

Dear Baldwin City Community:

I am writing this letter not only as a member of the Baldwin City community, but also as a member of Citizens for Baldwin City. I would like to thank The Signal for the many articles they have published on our behalf in an effort to help us increase our membership. I would also like to express my deep disappointment in the attendance and interest level displayed in our organization. There are a handful of us that are active members in CFBC. We have participated in a variety of activities for community involvement. We are involved in helping the schools, donate to a number of organizations and/or charities, volunteer our efforts (as best we can due to our size) to both small and large community events.

We have begged and pleaded. We have pushed and prodded. We have written letters, we have written articles, we have called you on the phone. We have tried to get our name out the best we know how, to try to recruit new members. We have to have new members or "re-newed" members to stay alive.

Of the close to 1,000 people in attendance at last year's Fourth of July Celebration aren't any of you willing to volunteer some of your time to see that tradition continue? I realize July Fourth is only one day a year but we need help all year long to prepare for the event. It doesn't take a lot of time during the year, just some, and most of our efforts all lead up to the Fourth of July Celebration.

I grew up in this town. I remember the small town we used to be. I remember going to the fireworks display with my family and seeing all my friends with their families. I watched in amazement as the Jaycees put on a show for everyone to enjoy. My husband I chose to raise our children in Baldwin because of the "small town" community atmosphere, even though the city is constantly growing and drawing more people here. There's no reason we can't still have the community atmosphere.

I realize there are many organizations and activities asking for your time and attention, but we aren't asking for that much to keep our community pride and strength going. We meet one night a month, generally the second Tuesday. The closer we get to July Fourth it's possible to have two meetings in a month or smaller committee meetings. We try to do 2-3 fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the fireworks display. If we don't get more members we will not be able to continue our volunteer efforts or the fireworks display after this year. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated but we need people. So many of you are quick to praise or criticize us in some of our efforts, but no one is willing to help out. So many people told us they were glad we were bringing back the Celebration on the Fourth, but this will have to be the last year if no one is willing to help us keep it going. We don't have age requirements. We can use all ages. There are phone calls to be made during the day which are sometimes impossible for us right now. There are businesses to visit, supplies to pick up or deliver, and a variety of other tasks. We don't require or even ask for membership dues to the organization. All we ask for is a little bit of time. Please help us.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. at the Baldwin Junior High School library. Please show your support for our community. If you have any questions call me at 594-4896.


Susan England

To the editor:

On Sept. 11, one act of terrorism changed many lives. During the same week, I went on a field trip with Mrs. Potter's class to the Baker Wetlands (which won't be the same a few years from now). Her class walked through the wetlands noticing and commenting on the habitat of animals and plant life and enjoying the beautiful day.

Before we left that day, I watched something special. I watched as Mrs. Potter asked her class to write about their thoughts that day. I watched children sitting quietly on the boardwalk, listening to the sounds of the bird calls, and the children watching the butterflies dance across the flowers, writing their own individual thoughts in silence.

She called me over when they were finished, and I listened as they shared with each other their words in their journals. The children's words were beautiful,, and their memory lingers, more important to me because of the tragic events that happened earlier that week. It was a day of sunshine in a week of shadows.

I want to thank Mrs. Potter for that day, and many others in my daughter's life this year. I like the fact that she delves in science and history. I like when she sends homework home that it is not just an exercise, but extends the thoughts for more to be learned. I like that my daughter comes home with science words for spelling because it is part of their week in her classroom. I like that my daughter doesn't worry about fractions anymore because simply, "Mrs. Potter explained them to me Mom!"

I like the fact that when I visit the school, I learn something new and fun about my daughter from her teacher. I believe, Mrs. Potter sees children as individuals and treats them with the kindness and the patience of knowing that they are still growing up. I believe she has been a guiding force during the time she shares in her student's lives. I believe she has touched many lives in this community, and I wanted to share one day in one of her special places this school year.

I hope that you will print this note of thank you to Mrs. Potter, as her school year is almost over. As she steps into retirement at the end of the school year, I wish for her to enjoy the bounty of hope and curiosity that she has brought into her student's lives, and that she receives the gifts of kindness that she has given to others with many days of sunshine.

Lisa Frahn

Baldwin City

Marion Springs Elementary School Parent

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