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Chamber sets goals for year

September 26, 2001

The Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce has set its sights on a few goals for the upcoming year.

After its general meeting Sept. 12, president Bill Harmon said the Chamber has focused on at least four goals, with its primary goal of increasing membership.

"As of right now, about 20 percent of the local businesses are members in the Chamber," Harmon said. "We want people to know how important it is for everybody to be a member."

He said another goal the Chamber placed in high priority is encouraging residents to buy locally.

"We want to promote the city of Baldwin itself," he said. "We want to educate how important it is to do business in Baldwin."

When residents give local businesses their support, Harmon said it increases local revenue as well as generates local taxes, which are then put back into the city.

The Chamber also wants to focus its efforts on improving city power and city water pressure, he said.

"We want to talk to the city council members and mayor as one voice," he said. "They need to hear from the business community how important these issues are. We just need to give this message to them as a group."

Harmon said he was encouraged by last week's meeting.

"Our goals could change next month," he said. "Our needs could change.

"But I've talked to a lot of Chamber members now and I feel like I have a good idea where they want to be led," he said. "I'd like to do my best to take the Chamber in that direction and still stay in contact with the businesses."

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