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Vesecky says thanks

September 19, 2001

To the editor:

Thank you to all who recently helped put together the Baldwin City promotion on the WIBW Road Show. It was broadcast a week ago last Thursday from Quilters' Paradise. Guests who were interviewed on the "Let's Talk" show were Bob Hruska of Midland Railroad, Kathy Davis, representing the Baldwin City Theatre Guild, Brenda Day and Katharine Kelley, who presented our historical information, and Sandy Cardens, representing the Baldwin City Arts Council. Annette Galluzzi from Baker University, Bob Martin representing "The Ballad of Black Jack," Sharon Vesecky of the Maple Leaf Festival Committee, Mike Berg and Roger O'Neil from Baldwin High School, Dan Harris and Hank Spellman from Baker University and Monte Ezell from the Baldwin City Recreation Commission were interviewed on the "Locker Talk" Show.

Refreshments were provided by The Three Sisters Inn, Joanna's Tanning Salon and Quilters' Paradise. Several listeners called in to express interest in Baldwin City and the activities that were mentioned in the interviews.

The show was sponsored by Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce, Baldwin State Bank, Baker University, Heritage Tractor, Mid-America Bank, Midland Railroad and Quilters' Paradise.

Again, thank you to all who came to be interviewed, who provided moral and financial support and who helped in any way, especially to Robin Goff, Bob Hruska, Sharole Prahl, Ron Skaggs and Linda Ballinger who helped plan and organize the show.

Sharon Vesecky

Baldwin City

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