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Letters to the editor

October 17, 2001

To the editor:

Permit me to use the letters to the editor column to thank the First Responders, the highly-trained folks who show up before the ambulance when you call 911. They came to my home when I was in need, and their quiet confidence assured me that I was going to be all right. They even made sure the house was left the way I would have wanted had I been able to do so.

Also let me thank my good neighbors, Cathleen and Colleen Divett, who saw to it that my pets were cared for, the newspapers and mail brought inside and my empty trash cans returned to the garage.

Living in the Baldwin City area is just plain wonderful!

Margaret "Peggy" Baker

Baldwin City

To the editor:

On behalf of the Baldwin Community Arts Council, I want to thank all the members of our community who supported our "Cuppa Java" night Sept. 28. This tremendously successful event was made so only through the generosity and efforts of so many.

We thank potters Inge Balch, Christy Carlisle, Phyllis Nelson, Laura Morford and Caroline Tanner, who made so many of the cups and mugs, Baker University ceramics students who decorated two dozen latte cups, the Baldwin Junior High School art classes, under the instruction of teacher Betty Pewtress, who decorated three dozen cups for our sale.

Our thanks also go to the volunteer members of the BCAC who baked the great desserts and to Trina and Stephanie of Express Yourself, who made and served the coffee in their coffee shop. We also thank the fabulous band, "Free Lunch," for the performance and the Baldwin City Signal for its great coverage, both before and after the event.

Our biggest thanks must go to the members of the community who attended "Cuppa Java" and the last outdoor Art Walk of the season. You attended with your friends and family and, as always, were supportive of our efforts to showcase local talent, in both visual and musical arts, and who enthusiastically purchased mugs, dessert and coffee. The money raised will not only be used to help promote the arts and artists, but this year, 10 percent of the proceeds have been donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the victims of the Sept. 11 attack on our country.

Thank you again Baldwin residents and friends. You are terrific!

Sandy Cardens

Baldwin Community Arts Council

To the editor:

I am Katy Taul and a 10-year member of the Palmyra 4-H Club. 4-H has been the basis of my family life. While my friends were taking summer vacations, my family was preparing for the Douglas County Fair or some other show we might attend. My projects of interest include citizenship, clothing, dairy, foods and nutrition, horse, leadership and pets.

4-H has been good to me. I was selected as a member of the Kansas River Youth Leadership, a delegate to Citizenship Washington Focus and a delegate to the Kansas City 4-H Global Conference. I have been a junior camp counselor and have attended numerous leadership and citizenship workshops. I have been awarded the Taul Dairy Sportsmanship Award, the Nunemaker Citizenship Award, been recognized as a distinguished camp counselor, received the "I Dare You" award and in November, I will be attending the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Ga., for my dairy project record book.

This year 4-H is celebrating 100 years of history. National 4-H Week was Oct. 7-13.

4-H gives you experience in seven leadership skills, which are: understanding yourself, communicating, getting along with others, learning to learn, making decisions, managing and working in groups.

4-H also helps you build life skills so that youth may contribute to society. The five skills are positive self-concept, how to make sound decisions, positive relationships, a desire for lifelong learning and a concern for your community.

"Learning by doing" is one of the primary reasons 4-H has been recognized as a field of informal education. 4-H'ers build self-esteem and a sense of worth through project talks, demonstrations, leadership workshops and trips and awards. 4-H helps us set goals for ourselves for both the long and short term. Decisions are made to accomplish goals. We need to develop skills that will help us feel comfortable with other people. We need to give others support and assistance and to receive help from them to reach goals.

You may join 4-H at the age of 7 and belong until you are 19. Starting at an early age, 4-H helps you to form the person you can grow to. It involves the entire family and you begin to make sound decisions by picking out the projects you wish to enroll in and start keeping records of all projects and activities that you participate in throughout the year. By preparing demonstrations and illustrated talks, you acquire new knowledge about subjects and gain confidence. Each day presents us with new and exciting situations. We are all creative, and we all change. This is what life is about. 4-H helps us to understand that creativity and change are often linked.

As you can tell, 4-H is what my life is about. 4-H has helped me to make decisions about what I plan to do with my life after completing high school. I am planning a career in hotel and restaurant management. I have worked toward this goal by developing good leadership skills and public speaking skills. 4-H has helped me in communication and friendships. Trust and sharing are all parts of being a friend and a leader and this sums up what 4-H means to me.

Katy Taul

Baldwin City

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