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School board approves graduation requirements

October 10, 2001

Baldwin High School students now have additional requirements that must be met before they can graduate.

The Board of Education voted 7-0 Monday night to approve the addition of grade level projects in the high school as part of BHS's graduation requirements.

Superintendent James White said he thought the grade level projects would be a good addition to the requirements.

"I think it's a good project," White said. "It's good academic rigor and a good direction for the students."

The grade level projects, also known as Kansas School to Careers program, combines academic and work force skills through a series of projects designed specifically for each grade level. These activities include learning how to write a cover letter, knowing how to complete a resume, having the opportunity to job shadow and learning workplace responsibilities like dependability and timeliness.

Students must complete the projects required, with the guidance of an advisor, for each class level at a satisfactory level before being allowed to graduate.

If the projects are not completed satisfactorily, White said students could make up the projects during the summer or on Saturdays.

"There is a great carry over advantage to those who are still deciding what they want to do in life," he said. "This will help them whether they proceed to college or vocational school. Or they might find through this that they find they are sufficiently ready and educated to go to work."

Board member Curtis Trarbach said he wanted to know how the students would be held accountable for the new program.

"How are we going to know if it's having success?" Trarbach said.

Students would work on the projects during a designated time with their progress supervised by their advisors, White said.

"There will be some rubrics that will be involved so teachers will be able to assess the students' work," he said. "And I think you'll see at the completion of the four-year program as senior complete the last step, you'll see students feel really, really good about what they've done. You'll see students thank us for holding their feet to the fire for four years."

In other business, the school board:

Heard a report from Deb Ehling-Gwin, Cathy Maxon and Peggy Harris about the Professional Development School model partnership between Baker University and Baldwin Elementary School.

Received an update from Carolyn Groves about the district's state assessment report.

Received an update from Alison Bauer about bond campaign activities. Bauer went through the presentation about the bond issue that is given at informational meetings.

Voted 7-0 to approve the resignation of Matt McCune, assistant BJHS basketball coach and the hirings of Kim Callahan, BJHS cheerleading coach, Chad Scobey, assistant BHS softball coach and Tammy Broyles, substitute custodian.

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