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Letters to the editor

October 10, 2001

To the editor:

I have to state what mine and many others opinion of the police department. If some of those whine babies do not like to follow orders, then leave the department and go somewhere else.

I and many others have seen some of those officers that have a lawyer, loitering around instead of doing their job. One trouble maker in the group and they gather at one place and stir up trouble. The mayor and some of the council members should get out in the public and find out what they real trouble with the police department is.

I grant you one thing, this is my opinion and many others. Get rid of the trouble makers and get more reliable people to be officers. We the public that know the head of the department and the officers are behind the head of the department. Solution: Get rid of the trouble making officers and get ones that would follow orders and not whine about them.

Phyllis Hobson

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I've been noticing something at Espress Yourself recently; many visitors, sitting and enjoying the serene ambiance of the coffee shop for a variety of purposes. Some go to read, some go in groups to discuss whatever it is that requires a comfortable and welcoming environment like that provided by owners Trina and Stephanie.

I've been noticing something else at Espress Yourself recently; many of these same visitors who go to enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere are not purchasing anything. If this trend continues, I am worried that Baldwin's coffee shop will not survive. I can say that I know many more of my neighbors since Espress Yourself opened than I knew before, and I believe that the success of Espress Yourself in Baldwin benefits the town as a whole. Because of this I would like to ask all patrons of Espress Yourself to do their part to support the establishment's future. If you go visit the shop in a group, make sure members of the group buy one of the many beverages or other items available. If you go to sit and read in one of the comfy chairs, buy a cup of coffee or an Italian Soda. Trina and Stephanie have opened their hearts to Baldwin's citizens, and their doors to the community and Baker University for meetings. If we don't pay back their efforts by supporting their shop financially, we will once again be drinking Folger's at home by ourselves, wishing that someone would open up a cute coffee shop so we could go and be a community.

Christina Bolas

Baldwin City

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