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Water leak hits Baldwin again

November 20, 2001

A leak was discovered Monday in Baldwin City's water line located in the Baker Wetlands.

It is the second water line leak in the wetlands in less than two months.

Utility Director Terry McKinney said the water has been leaking out of a hole the size of a quarter in the 12-inch-in-diameter ductile iron line. The leak, located near the intersection of 31st and Haskell streets, is just 25 feet away from the leak that was discovered and repaired in October.

"We are currently working on it," McKinney said.

The hole was caused by corrosion of the line, he said, which is buried six feet under the surface surrounded by water. The line, which carries the city's water supply from Lawrence to Baldwin, has been there since the 1970s when the area was cropland.

The leak caused concern at Monday's Baldwin City Council meeting.

"I get the feeling the city's hands are tied on this whole issue," Council Member Ken Wagner said. "I'm not sure how this problem is going to get resolved."

Wagner said one of the problems he has is what it is costing the city. The city lost 75 million gallons of water during the October leak. The water usage and the repairs to the line cost Baldwin $156,000.

"I'm appalled at that," he said. "If this continues on, it's just going to create a hardship for this town.

"We need to take action," he said. "I think a phone call to the governor's office is not out of line."

Wagner said he was going to call Gov. Bill Graves' office today.

"We need to make a plea for something to be done to expedite this deal," he said.

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