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State license plates show Baker pride

November 14, 2001

Baker University alumni, students, parents and fans will soon have a new way to show their school pride and support the university at the same time.

Baker is currently marketing school logo license plates for Kansas residents. Proceeds from the plates would go to Baker scholarship funds.

"It's pretty exciting," Cindy Belot, Baker's alumni director, said.

But before the Baker plates become a reality, the state must see the names of 500 people interested in the idea, Belot said.

"We're not asking for money now, we're just asking for your interest," she said. "It's just a request for interest."

Those that express interest would not be required to purchase a plate, she said. The state wants to know if there is enough interest to make the plates and how many are interested in each county.

Once the 500 names have been collected, orders will begin for the Baker plates. The plates are $45.50, the standard cost for a personal state license plate, to be paid every five years. There is also an annual royalty fee of $40, which supports the Baker scholarship fund.

"The sooner we get the names, the sooner we get the plates made and the sooner we get the revenue," Belot said.

The plates, she said, are a win-win situation.

"It's such a good outcome for both parties involved," she said. "People can show their school pride and support Baker at the same time."

She said the sale of plates could generate a lot of money for the university.

"The potential proceeds for the scholarship fund is great," Belot said. "If 500 people got plates, that's $17,500 in one year. In five years it's $87,500."

She said the plates could make great gifts for anyone.

"What a neat thing to do," she said. "I want to get these license plates on every car I can get them on."

Those who would like to be added to the list of interested people can pick up the orange registration forms at the Harter Union Bookstore, the circulation desk at Collins Library, the copy/mail center or Belot's office in Parmenter Hall.

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