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Sixth Street ‘window’ is now closed

November 14, 2001

That "window" of non-enforcement of the speed limit on Sixth Street is officially closed speeders be aware.

In October, after the street had finally been opened after a long construction process, City Councilman George McCrary announced a 30-day window of non-enforcement so people could get used to the street. Those days are over no more warning tickets. Now it's the real thing.

"Every day is a warning," said McCrary, who is the chairman of the public safety committee. "It's easy to forget. That street is still smooth.

"But, Maple Leaf is over it's back to reality," he said. "We've got to enforce it. It's a school zone. The window was open. Now it's not."

The speed limit on Sixth Street is 20 mph. Those that choose to ignore it or forget about it will now suffer.

"Are we going to enforce it? Yes, that's why it's called a speed limit," McCrary said.

He also said that Sixth Street isn't the only problem. Traffic along U.S. Highway 56 and other places has been going too fast. Tickets are being written. Be warned.

"Incident reports are up," he said. "We have officers who are doing their job."

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