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Englishes’ print collection offers differences

November 14, 2001

The selection pieces of art are all different. Some have bright colors, others are black and white. Some are done by American artists, others by Canadian or Korean artists. Some are small and some are very large.

But the art pieces found in the Holt/Russell Gallery in Baker University's Parmenter Hall do have something in common. They are all original prints.

The 23 pieces of art that make up "The Fine Art of Printmaking" are a small selection of the collection of prints belonging to Baldwin residents John and Evonne English.

"An original print is a work of art made to be a graphic work that is meant to be produced in limited edition," Evonne English, an artist, said. "The process is demanding and can be very difficult."

The limited number of prints produced, which are usually all signed and numbered by the artists, are all considered original prints, she said.

The art show, which runs through Tuesday, is in conjunction with Baker art professor Walter Bailey's printmaking class.

The selection of prints on display in the gallery, which were done by artists from the United States, Great Britain, Korea, Japan, Canada and India, demonstrate a number of printmaking techniques including lithograph, etching, woodcut and intaglio.

The Englishes have been collecting original prints for about 35 years.

"We both appreciate art. We both like the aesthetics of the prints," Evonne English said. "Fortunately our tastes are very similar."

John English, a retired Baker history professor, said they have collected their prints from all over the country.

"Literally from coast to coast," he said. "We have purchased them in a number of places."

But they don't buy just any print, he said.

"This is a collection, not just an accumulation of prints," he said. "There are certain criteria we use, maybe not consciously or deliberately, but they're there."

Not only is personal taste a factor, but he said so is the quality and the intelligence of the print.

"A good print is a display of the artist's intelligence," John English said. "There's real thought behind it.

"People often say a good print is one that's alive," he said. "There should be a certain vivacity or spirit perceptible in a good print."

The gallery is open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and by appointment. There will be a reception Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Englishes will be there to answer questions about the art pieces.

John English said he recommends people visit the art show.

"The basic idea is to provide the opportunity to see significant works of art," he said. "It's not just variety, but prints which most people haven't seen around here."

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