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Letter to the editor

November 7, 2001

To the editor:

In light of the incident I witnessed on the adjacent field, from the Bulldogs' coach, Sunday, Oct. 21, I want to give my thanks and gratitude to the coaches of the Baldwin Youth (A) Football Team for the way they handled themselves during practices and games this season.

The youth's football program consists of third through sixth graders (approximately 8 through 12).

The Bulldogs had possession and scored a touchdown. One of the players was charged with a penalty and the touchdown was called back. Apparently the boy has had the same penalty all season or at least throughout the game. The coach was screaming (loudly) at the player about the infraction. He humiliated the lad badly and had the gall to tell the young man to take his uniform off and leave the field. The young boy started crying and left.

It has been awhile since I was so ashamed of another adult's behavior over a child's game. To witness such an act by an adult on a child in public is incomprehensible.

When we, as adults take a game being played by children so seriously as to humiliate and insult the player in front of God and everybody, then it is time to hang it up.

Although I understand the league is very competitive, teams and players do tremendously better if they have a coach who enforces a team concept, encourages and gives constructive criticism to the player to do better, have respect for themselves, their teammates, coaches, the other team, and compassion to understand that sometimes we do or do not do our best for whatever reasons.

Having a coach like the Bulldogs had does nothing but encourage resentment, disrespect, low self-esteem and loners.

If the Lawrence Football League has any say, then the coach should strongly be suggested to QUIT.

I want to thank all the Bulldog players and parents for a good year and hope your future years are better.

Kelly Garrison

To the editor:

A gracious and generous thank you to everyone who contributed to the overwhelming success of this year's Maple Leaf Festival. From the committee members to the concession booth volunteers to the city employees, everyone's effort, good humor and willingness to help demonstrates what a wonderful community we live in. Once again, Baldwin has shown our out-of-town guests the very best we have to offer. Our pride in our community and country makes me proud to live here year 'round. Thanks again Baldwin for another great Festival!

Star Novak
Publicity Director
Maple Leaf Festival Committee

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