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Local Knights of Columbus win bevy of awards

May 31, 2001

Last year's Baldwin City Knights of Columbus fundraiser for Trevor Leeker did more than just raise money.

It also enabled the Baldwin Knights council to win a state fundraising award.

At the beginning of May, the Knights won the Council Community Service Award at the Knights of Columbus state convention in Salina. The chapter is now eligible to win the national award, which will be presented in July.

Frank Foye, Baldwin Deputy Grand Knight, said the Knights are pleased with the award because they are a newer council and this was the first time they had been entered the competition.

"The whole reason for existence is to raise money and give it away to needy parties," Foye said. "We now have a sense of accomplishment that we're on the right track."

Foye said the state fundraising award isn't based solely on the amount of money raised. The total number of work hours and group participation is also taken into account.

The Knights raised $25,000 and worked more than 400 hours on the fundraiser, he said.

"Our participation was also a big part of it," Foye said. "We had 93 percent of the group that participated."

But it hasn't been just the council winning awards recently.

Steve Wessel was named Baldwin Knight of the Year for his work both in and out of the council.

"Steve was instrumental in helping the Leekers get a motorized stroller that was specially made for handicapped children," Foye said. "He just took it upon himself to get that."

The Knights Family of the Year award went to Dan and Laura Beaulieu for their work in Annunciation Catholic Church.

"Dan and Laura are very active," the Rev. William Fisher said. "They are involved in many, many different levels of the church."

Dan Beaulieu said the award was unexpected but appreciated.

"It really is an honor," he said.

Baldwin is a good community, he said, to be active in.

"The community has really embraced us," Beaulieu said, "and lent itself the opportunity to offer many families of the year."

At Baldwin High School's graduation the Knights presented Kristen Wessel and Nathan Floersch with $500 college scholarships.

Fisher said the applicants had to have letters of recommendation and write an essay about their faith.

"It was not strictly academic. It's a faith-based scholarship," he said. "They had to write about the what it means in their lives to be Catholic and what their faith means to them."

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