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School board eyes land prize

May 9, 2001

Monday's Baldwin School Board meeting will be packed full of interesting items. Chief among them will be a discussion of a possible land acquisition for the location of a new school.

The school district has been in negotiations with Jim Faulkner for the purchase of the 92-acre tract of land in west Baldwin south of U.S. Highway 56 and bordered to the west by Lawrence Street. All that remains to the purchase is a vote at Monday's 7 p.m. meeting.

"We have a signed contract," said White. "At this point we've put down earnest money and it's as much a done deal as it can get. It won't be a done deal until it's voted on."

The school board is faced with building a new school soon because of the district's growing enrollment. It will probably be an elementary school. However, the 92-acre tract is not being viewed as a site for that school alone, but the possibility of a junior high or other school eight to 10 years down the road.

"Absolutely, we're looking towards our future needs," he said.

Baldwin is also in need of new ballfields and this site might offer that possibility.

"We haven't discussed that option with anyone, although it could be," White said. "There has been some discussion about that as an option among the board members."

Another item of interest Monday will be the continued discussion and possible action on the Charter School currently under operation at Baldwin High School. The "alternative" school within the school has seen its funding source end. Supporters of the program, mostly parents of students attending the school, are adamant that it be continued.

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