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Letters to the editor

May 9, 2001

Takes exception to road work

To the Editor:

How interesting to read on the first page of the Signal that residents who complained about the "brief inconvenience" resulting from road improvements have "enjoyed" the long run results. Would you like to hear from someone who does not expect to be tickled pink about long run results?

I do not expect to look upon my shade trees, slashed by indiscriminate chainsaws, and find they have grown new limbs! I do not expect to look back with enjoyment as I recall the monster equipment which meant amputating those limbs, when smaller equipment could have gone under the trees, not through them.

I do not expect to see the lawn I mowed and fertilized making a recovery. I don't expect ever again to see the grass and topsoil which LRM plowed under. I expect to see instead the same kind of clay left on a neighbor's lawn on Sixth Street, where the brick sidewalk she treasured as an historic part of Baldwin City is now under an inch of clay. The clay, of course, becomes mud when it rains.

I expect that the word "reseeded," which means throwing a handful of grass seed on a sea of infertile clay, will always make me grit my teeth and resent those who think that reseeding is an adequate atonement for the destruction of a lawn. News flash for the new city council: Sod can be removed, topsoil set aside and then replaced. A lawn can then recover, in time. But only if the original contract specifies that this be done. Wouldn't it be nice if the taxes I pay every year mean that I as a landowner have some rights!

Baldwin City's street crew routinely makes repairs on High Street, carefully stacking the bricks, then putting them back in place after their work is through. Will LRM, the agency busy destroying lawns and limbs and brick streets, do the same? I'm not betting the farm.

A neighbor surveyed the monster equipment parked outside my home and commented, "It looks like the Army Corps of Engineers." To which I would add, "Preparing to reroute the Mississippi."

May I invite council members to watch the Maple Leaf Festival parade from my front lawn this fall, as dozens do each year. Just be sure to wear your boots, and leave them outside if you come in for a visit.

Don Mueller

Baldwin City

Ooops, we forgot to thank a few

To the Editor,

For a couple of gals who really pride ourselves on being thorough with everything we do, we certainly let down a few in our letter to the editor in the last edition of The Signal.

Our apologies to some very important parent volunteers who assisted with after-prom that we failed to mention. We want you to know that we are no less grateful to you for your help and thank you so much for being involved. Those we omitted last week are:

Tom and Janet Reznicek and Candy Inzer. If there could possibly be anyone else out there that we failed to mention ... your help was so appreciated, whomever you might be! Thanks to everyone again.

Laura Morford & Peg Wessel

After-prom co-chairs

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