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Letters to the editor

May 2, 2001

To the Editor:

I'm sure no one ever thought I would write a letter like this. As Stan Krysztof leaves the council, I would like to thank him for his years of service to the community, especially as Mayor.

Many know that Stan and I rarely saw eye to eye and our working relationship on the council certainly did not get off to a stellar beginning. However, over time I feel we came to respect each other's passion for doing what we felt was right for the city, even when we didn't agree. We were even able to joke that one of us was becoming more like the other, although we never did figure out which one (of course, I will always contest that Stan was finally seeing the light and agreeing with me more.)

So Stan, here's to you, Buddy. You've worked hard for what you thought was right. You can't do better than that.

Jennie Washburn

Baldwin City

To the editor:

"Speechless" is usually not an adjective that describes the two of us. For those of you who know us, you know this to be true! However, the outpouring of generosity and support for the 2001 Baldwin High School After-Prom from the Baldwin and Lawrence communities has left us both in a "speechless" state. But, we would be remiss if we did not verbalize just how much we appreciate each and every business and individual who donated to this successful event!

The 2001 BHS After-Prom party was held this past Saturday night in Lawrence at the Royal Lanes bowling center. This event was attended by approximately 300 BHS students and their guests. "Citizens for a Drug Conscious Baldwin City" co-sponsored this event as a safe and fun, alcohol- and drug-free alternative. Thank you to Kathy Davis and this organization who provide direction and assistance with this project. So many other great people are involved in this project as well and deserve many, many thanks for their efforts.

A GIANT thank you to all of the Baldwin and Lawrence businesses/organizations who contributed either monetarily or with merchandise to this party. Donations ranged from CDs to DVDs, gift certificates for items ranging from clothing to food to soda to haircuts to massages, etc., VCRs to TVs, and yes, even a car! So again, thank you so very much to all who contributed! Your support for this event and the caring you showed for the youth of our community is phenomenal! Thank you again!

Also thank you to the wonderful parents who were involved in this event. Linda Gastelum and Colleen Burgess were a part of the fund raising/prize committee along with the two of us and we could have never accomplished what we did, without their great help and infectious enthusiasm! A BIG thank you to Cindy Trarbach and Angelle "Fred" Regnier who were in charge of food and refreshment for after-prom. Their hard work ensured that each and every after-prom party-goer had sustenance to help them get through the night full of bowling, games, etc. Another BIG thank you to Marilyn Noonan and her great group of chaperones who helped with ensuring that everyone had a safe and fun time at this party! Thanks to Joe Gresnick and Mike Gammage for your assistance and support in ensuring a successful night for all! Thanks to Liz Nigh and Lisa Robertson for assisting us from the BHS office and being patient when we were constantly calling and asking for something or the other! Thank you, Kim Hubbel, for the fabulous pictures you take of the students at all of their events, but especially thanks for prom and after-prom photos. And, last but not least, thank you to the parents who "volunteered" to assist in some capacity with the after-prom by their attendance at this event; to name a few: Jeff Myrick, Betty Bullock, Martha Harris, Curtis Trarbach, Connie Broers, Cheryl Wilson, Frank Regnier, Juli and George Frank, Jeanne and Larry Black, Diane Weege, Myrna Fordemwalt, Tom Noonan, Lowell and Carolyn Stansberry and Donita Turk and many, many others who were there and helped with this event. We apologize if we've missed anybody, but please know that your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Oh yes, thanks to the great students and guests who attended this event. Your enthusiasm was contagious and helped the adults survive the "wee" hours of the morning. You were a great group! Thanks so much. We hope you had a wonderful time!

OK, for a couple of "speechless" gals, I guess we've gone on and on. There are just so many people to thank and so many we are grateful to that it is difficult to express in a short paragraph. We had a blast helping with this project and enjoyed each and every moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you once more to everyone involved in this successful endeavor.


Laura Morford and Peg Wessel

2001 BHS After-Prom co-chairs

To the editor:

Boy Scout Troop 65 and Cub Scout Pack 3065 would like to express their thanks for the community support of their annual "Scouting For Food" drive. They collected 42 boxes of food for the community food pantry located in the First United Methodist Church, 7th and Grove.


Mark Shuck

Scout Master

120 East High

Dear editor:

Through the years, Rainbow Experience Preschool

has introduced hundreds of Baldwin City children to

the joy of learning. I would like to invite all

residents with fond memories of the preschool to help

us with our latest fundraiser.

In conjunction with the all-city garage sale June 2,

Friends of Rainbow is having a tag sale to help raise

money for supplies and other materials for the school.

We are asking you to dig through your basement or

attic and find something you might want to donate.

Although we are specializing in childrenitems

(cribs, playpens, high chairs, toys, books, clothes),

we would also be glad to accept any general household

items from furniture to collectibles. We only ask that

donated items are in good condition for sale. Since

Rainbow is a non-profit organization, your

contribution should be tax deductible.

Small items may be dropped off at the preschool,

in the basement of the United Methodist Church, from 8

a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday until May 18. If

you have larger items or cannot drop off donations

during those hours, please contact me at 594-7421.

Thank you for helping Baldwin City children.

Stacy Cohen

Friends of Rainbow

To the Editor:

The Rainbow Experience Preschool would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations to the Easter Egg Hunt and the high school students who helped make it a success:

McDonald's, Lawrence; Baldwin State Bank; Baldwin City Recreation; Baldwin Lumber; Dave's Auto; Maple Leaf Festival Committee; Quilters Paradise; Roxine Michaels; Robert's Pharmacy; C. Design; Cranberry Merchant; Hastings, Lawrence; Mid America Bank; Hedges Real Estate; Discoveries; Baldwin Companion Animal Hospital; Mothers Club; Marlan Construction; Santa Fe Market; Arrowhead Hardware; Baldwin City Market; Sonic; Dari Ring; Taco Bell; Target; Dillons; Walgreens; Winfield House; Jayhawk Bookstore; K-Mart; KU Jaybowl; Stephens Real Estate; Hobby Lobby; Mediacom; Walt's Pizza; Wal-Mart; Barker Family Pharmacy; Packer Plastics.

To the Editor:

Baldwin City Wrestling Club wants to thank the following for supporting kid's wrestling by donating to our fundraiser:

Baldwin City Market; Subway; Heritage Tractor; C. Designs; Baldwin State Bank; Royal Crest; Lisa Pippert; Diane Haeffner; Brenda Saile; Cranberry Merchant; Sally Groniger; Alice Gurley; Reed's Auto; NAPA; Betsy Reed; Colorblind; Parents; Baldwin Community; Baldwin Junior High.

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