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Letters to the editor

March 28, 2001

Lost opportunities

To the editor:

In a truly revealing letter last week, the best reason yet why positive change is needed on the Baldwin City Council was displayed.

City council member Gene Nelson described how the council, without any public input, rejected the offer of land north of the high school for a recreational center. In the most telling sentence, he wrote: "I was silent. No one else spoke up either."

I question whether voters were well served by a council that was "silent" about the offer, made a snap judgment about costs, made no counteroffer, and accepted the mayor's presentation of the facts without seeing the documents or hearing from the people making the offer.

What happens the next time such an opportunity for civic improvement presents itself to the council?

This was an opportunity lost. If elected, I will do my best to make improvements happen where feasible. It would be my privilege to serve and I would appreciate your vote.

Todd Cohen

Council candidate

Baldwin City

Please participate

Citizens of Baldwin.

Since this is my last letter before the general election, I would like to thank everyone that has helped with my campaign for mayor. The level of interest in this campaign process has been phenomenal. I have enjoyed the process of the election, and I am very excited at the results we have seen to date.

As we head into the final week of this election, let's keep a number of things in mind. We have a number of highly qualified candidates to represent this community and with all of our input, Baldwin City will benefit tremendously from the new leadership and their direction for the future. My goal is to increase participation by the citizens in the city. We have seen this already in the campaigns and I will continue with the program of communication and citizen participation if elected.

The planks for my administrative agenda were printed in last week's paper and I will strive to see these fine tuned by the city council and implemented to improve our city. I am wholly committed to improvement of Baldwin while maintaining the perks of living in a smaller community. We have an opportunity here to place leadership that will be the architects of a long range plan for the city of Baldwin. We need a comprehensive plan for the city, and where we, as a community, want to be in 20 years. With new faces on the council and in the mayoral position this will be a high priority

with citizen input being the driver for decision making.

In conclusion I encourage all registered citizens to vote on April 3. This election is the most important voting opportunity to face the city in untold years. This is due to the dynamic of placing a new mayor, and three new council members in one fell stroke. New perspective, new ideas and, most importantly, new leadership can be accomplished with your ballot on April 3. Seize the opportunity Baldwin. Let's begin moving forward with the rebuilding of our city, and planning for its inevitable growth. We can lay the foundation for what our city will look like in the 21st century, with pro-active action today. Again thanks for the support, and stay involved

people. Democracy works when people participate.

Ken Hayes

Mayoral candidate

Baldwin City

Any ideas?

To the Editor:

I would appreciate the opportunity to respond to a few of my opponent's "planks" from his platform. According to Mr. Hayes, we need bigger, better and more community programs. We need better community fire protection. We need curbs and gutters on all our streets. We need studies to determine the feasibility of certain entities now under the city's control. We need better zoning and code enforcement. We need more street lights. We need to accomplish all of the above while lowering the tax base.

If anyone has any idea how this is possible, please contact me at 594-7009 or at work at 594-6421. I am ready to be dazzled with any type of accounting my former professors may have omitted.

I feel the city does an excellent job policing the community, and the volunteer fire department is as good as a fully staffed unit. The department does not miss a fire.

I have insisted through this campaign the city's function should be limited to power, water, sewer, protection and roads. I would include parks and recreation, but we currently don't have much to speak of in park land. We have no ball fields for the future. It is the pressing needs of this community with which I find myself concerned. I hope that you share my concern, and I would appreciate your vote next Tuesday. It would be an honor to serve you in the office of mayor.

Slade Dillon

Baldwin City

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