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City hopefuls outline reasons for voting

March 28, 2001

With the election to determine three Baldwin City Council seats and the mayor's position just around the corner, the eight remaining candidates offered simple reasons for voting for them.

The election is Tuesday and polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Candidates for mayor are Slade Dillon and Ken Hayes. For the two four-year council seats, candidates are George McCrary, Carol Taul, Ken Wagner and Lee Whaley. For the two-year council seat, candidates are Todd Cohen and Eugene Nelson.

What follows are the candidate's answer to the question "why should I vote for you?" For additional information on the candidates, profiles are available on the Signal Web site at in the Election 2001 section.

Mayoral candidates

Slade Dillon

"I know I'm going to do a fine job," said Dillon. "The city needs someone open minded and alert to the goings on in the city. My accounting background can only be helpful in that position. But, I don't plan on being a micro-manager."

Ken Hayes

"I offer leadership for the future of the city," said Hayes. "My plans and proposals are to meet the immediate needs of the city and to map out with citizen input what Baldwin City will be like in 20 years."

Four-year council

George McCrary

"If you want someone to listen to you, be logical and understanding and move the community into the future, you should vote for me," said McCrary. "I don't think the people have been listened to. It needs to be more open. It shouldn't be five people making decisions for 3,400. It should be five people making decisions with the input from that many people. People are willing to talk to me."

Carol Taul

"People should vote for me for my common sense," said Taul. "I'll listen. I'll try to make fair decisions that will be best for Baldwin citizens."

Ken Wagner

"I think if you're looking for someone who will listen and get things done in Baldwin that need to be done, you should vote for me," said Wagner. "I think the people need to set the agenda. I will also tell people the truth, for example what something will cost. I am a guy who will be very careful in spending tax payer's money. I am concerned about what people are having to pay to live here in Baldwin. I really think the city has hit the residents too hard. I think we're taxing people way too much. I have strong beliefs that this is a bedroom community. I want to be a catalyst for making it a better bedroom community."

Lee Whaley

"My record of showing that I do not go along with what the mayor and city council wants," said Whaley. "I can vote no. I do a good job of getting the facts before making a decision."

Two-year council

Todd Cohen

"First, I offer needed change," said Cohen. "There is a definite choice in my race between the status quo and the fresh perspective I represent. I believe we need a council that actively invites public input, that can work with other entities and groups in town and that seeks out creative solutions to problems. To that end, I believe my background in public administration, in public relations and as a city government reporter would serve me well."

Gene Nelson

"Because experience is important," said Nelson. "That experience includes 36 years residence in Douglas County, 30 years residence in Baldwin City, 28 years at Baker University, 20 years in rental and retail management in Baldwin City, 2.5 years on the Baldwin City Building Commission and 1.5 years on the Baldwin City Council."

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