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Football talk for Bulldogs — ‘No excuses’

March 21, 2001

Seventy hungry beasts crowded into the Baldwin High School gym on March 8. BHS Football coach Mike Berg called a meeting of all freshman, sophomore and juniors interested in playing football.

Berg handed out a sheet of paper to find out the players' goals and general information about themselves. Berg then stressed the importance of weightlifting in the off-season regimen and gave a new theme for the year ... "no excuses."

"I want everyone to say we did everything possible to make our season successful," said Berg.

After Berg finished talking about weights and the excitement of a new season, he let a few soon-to-be seniors say a few things. Juniors Adam Turk, Caleb Mason and Brett Myrick all stood up and talked about the importance of weights, dedication and sticking together.

"I wanted to get across the fact that we need to spend time in the offseason, not just the summer before, if we want to get out of districts," said Mason.

After the juniors spoke Berg issued the warning that everyone who intends to be out for football better be maxing out and in the weight room.

"Weights will prevent injuries and make the experience more rewarding ... also so we can compete," said Berg.

The meeting was meant to be a reminder and motivator for the team.

"This meeting ignited a fire in my heart. I now have a weights passion," said sophomore Brad Wilson.

The football team maxed out in the weight room at 6 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. the rest of last week, will then take spring break off and begin a new weight cycle after the break ends.

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