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Annie’ thrilled audiences during its performances

June 27, 2001

Under the stars and enjoying the perfect temperature, "Annie" opened with a medley of songs from the show.

The opening scene was set in the orphanage and soon we met Annie. Mrs. Hannigan, the mean, rude, obnoxious keeper of the orphanage, gingerly sipped her flask.

Oliver Warbucks' secretary chose Annie to stay at the mansion over the Christmas holidays. He grew fond of Annie and wanted to adopt her, much to Mrs. Hannigan's dismay.

A plan was developed by Mrs. Hannigan's brother and his girlfriend to impersonate Annie's real parents, who were deceased, and claim the reward.

Warbucks consulted with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his staff to help find Annie's real parents. He decided to have a dinner meeting and instructed his secretary to "find out what Democrats eat."

Warbucks explained to Annie that having money was not what life is all about, rather, he said, "If you're alone, you might as well be back in Hell's Kitchen," his own very poor origin.

The scheme was uncovered and Mrs. Hannigan, her brother and his girlfriend were hauled away. The Christmas celebration resumed and the cast filled the stage as the show closed.

The cast was wonderful and the music was lovely. Our gratitude to everyone involved with the production of "Annie", just another example of what makes Baldwin City so special.

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