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Fun times at the library

June 20, 2001

More than 20 hands shoot up in the air when Kelly Werts asks the color of Jenny Jenkins' dress.

"Purple," one girl said.

So Werts sings another verse of "Jenny Jenkins" inserting the color purple in for her dress.

Before he can finish, more hands are in the air.

"So what color is her dress?" Werts said.

And this continues with the colors red, pink, blue and so on until the children struggle to think of another color.

Werts, who has traveled for the last 15 years across Kansas performing pioneer songs including "Ol' Dan Tucker," "O Susanna" and "Pop Goes the Weasel," played for a group of about 80 children last Wednesday at the Baldwin City Public Library.

His performance was one of six programs the library is sponsoring this summer as part of its summer reading program.

With "Reading Road Trip" as its theme, the summer reading program is open to all children up to the eighth grade from June 1 until July 27.

Library director Kathy Johnston said participants must read seven books or 700 pages. For young children who can't quite read, Johnston said they must listen to 20 books.

"If they meet the goal by the end, they get a certificate and a pool party," she said.

Several local businesses have also teamed up with the library to provide extra prizes if participants meet their reading goal.

As part of the reading program, the library staff has scheduled a program almost every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to take place in the library activity room, including today's program with "Annie" cast member Susan Pouliot.

The preschoolers who want to participate in Wednesday morning activities can sit and listen in on the story hour at 10.

Johnston said the reading program, which has been available for several summers, has been popular with Baldwin residents.

"Right now we have 321 enrolled," she said. "We have about 80 kids show up each Wednesday."

Librarian Phyllis Braun said the reading program gives children something to do during the summer.

"It's fun for the kids to come here," Braun said. "We've always had a really good turnout, I think because people in Baldwin are interested in their kids reading.

"Baldwin is just a readers' town," she said.

Children can still enroll in the summer reading program up until the last week in July.

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