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Electrifying opener for ‘Annie’

A stormy start for play

June 20, 2001

Opening night for "Annie" Saturday was "lightninged out," but as the little red-headed orphan is so proud to sing, "The sun will come out, tomorrow."

And, it did. The Baldwin City Theatre presentation did make a successful appearance on Sunday and put on quite a show for an audience of more than 100.

Kathy Davis, executive director of CLEAR which puts on the show, has had plenty of experience with weather and outdoor shows over the years. But Saturday's event was a little different lightning, lots of it, but no rain.

"We've been tornadoed and rained out, but never lightninged out," said Davis. "So this was a first. It was beautiful lightning, but not for actors with wires on them.

"But, you know, 'tomorrow, tomorrow' and that's how it worked," she said.

The cast was able to take the stage on Sunday and made it all worthwhile.

"It was awesome. It went well," Davis said of the real opener. "We had some first-night jitters, a few mental faux pas, but it went great.

"The stage crew, the orchestra, everyone has been awesome," she said. "They have done everything they had to do."

Of course, the show is being "stolen" by "Annie," Julie Miller, who is thrilling the audiences with her performances. Another show-stopper is "Daddy Warbucks," Knute Pittenger.

"Knute has been a strong part of the program for years and it's amazing the love the crowd has for him," she said.

They've appreciated the die-hard fans that have battled the elements, too.

"We had about 57 for the electricity show (Saturday) and over 100 for the opener," said Davis.

This year's version of "Annie" is being done as a 10-year-anniversary for when CLEAR first brought theater to Baldwin. Two members of that original cast, Mike Swan and Tom Mundinger, are back. Davis said that several of the "orphans" from that first show 10 years ago have come back to watch this year's version.

Because of the weather problem Saturday, the schedule has been changed to include a performance tonight at 8. There will also be performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all at 8 p.m. weather permitting, of course.

"Our weather is still, not inviting," said Davis.

But maybe it will be, tomorrow.

The cast of Annie is: NYC/Hooverville Katie Beal; Servant Jodie Beauthien; Tessie Sarah Bezek; Servant Drew Bolt; July Sommer Brecheisen; Servant Jessica Brewer; Orphan Mindy Brown; Orphan Teresa Burenheide; Tessie Perry Carrington; Servant Steele Carrington; Lily Lisa Carson; Molly Mikaela Carson; NYC/Hooverville Kerry Chalmers; Servant Sonja Combest; Cabinet Julie Constantinescu; FDR Marion Constantinescu; Drake Christopher Cook; Kate Emma Cook; NYC/Hooverville Willie Cook; Orphan Callie Fife; Orphan Zoey Fife; NYC/Hooverville Heather Garcia; Boylen Lindsay Gastelum; Servant Shane Goldring; NYC/Hooverville Dawn Grammer; Pepper Megan Hazelwood; Officer Jesse Hernandez; Bundles Bo Jansen; Molly Erin Marie Jansen; Bert Healy Matt Keller; Cab-Hooverville-NYC Lloyd Lam; July Lynne Lammers; Servant Katrina Lamoreux; NYC/Hooverville Tressa Lee; Orphan Kelsey Mallon; Annie Julie Miller; Cabinet Tom Mundinger; Cabinet Gailen Murray; Orphan Skylar O'Keefe; NYC/Hooverville Ellie Parr; Warbucks Knute Pittenger; Hooverville Emily Pouliot; Kate Laura Pouliot; Hooverville Michael Pouliot; Hannigan Susan Pouliot; Pepper Skye Reid; Duffy Allison Richardson; Pugh Connie Richardson; Orphan Melissa Richardson; NYC/Hooverville Shannon Roberts; Boylen Jackie Robertson; Orphan Katie Sigvaldson; Cabinet Mike Sloan; Grace Terry Thoelle; NYC/Hooverville Cori Thompson; Boylen Leah Watkins; Rooster Greg Wessling; Duffy Amelia Wilson; Servant Debbie Winstone; Servant Stephanie Winstone; Servant Megan Yarbrough and Carson the dog.

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