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Yard of the Week honors go to the Myricks

July 25, 2001

A raised flowerbed follows the curve of the lot that adjoins the house at 610 10th Street where Jeff and Annette (Galluzzi) Myrick live.

This colorful corner is filled with red and gold zinnias, mixed colors of vinca, sweet potato vine, black-eyed Susan, white phlox, day lilies, Little Buddy gomphena, begonias, mums, poppies, zebra grass, yarrow, dianthus and live-for ever. It has become even more colorful as the summer progresses and it seems to be in its glory in the warm sunshine. It is one of the biggest reasons the couple was awarded the Yard of the Week.

Two flowering crab apple trees and tulips bloom in this bed during the early spring.

The lot has a young Sugar Maple tree on the north side and a Bradford pear tree in the front. Tulips bloom under its branches in the spring. The middle area is green grass used by sons Brett, age 17, Anthony, age 16, and their friends as their athletic field. It is also used for a grand Fourth of July display each year.

The property line on the north side near the street has another flowerbed equally as colorful planted with rose moss, vinca, iris, ornamental grasses, coneflowers, hibiscus, black eyed susans, dianthus, profusion zinnias and sweet potato vine. An eight-foot fence continues from the flowerbed on across the yard to provide an area of privacy in the back yard behind their home.

Therese Bugnet rugosa roses with pink blooms early in the summer also provide a privacy fence separating the side yard from the back yard. The back yard area is a cozy, secluded area, shaded by a mature pin oak tree. Two fierce (concrete) looking bulldogs stand guard on either side of an arbor planted with the clematis, President, on each side. The bulldogs, Brett and Anthony, are named for their sons who attend Baldwin High School. A mixture of begonias and hosta are growing under the tree. A large urn, a gift to Annette from her mother, is filled with orange and white impatiens that appears to spill onto the hillside blooming profusely in the shade.

Purple and white petunias surround a KSU rock. Annette and Jeff met at Kansas State University. Perennial hibiscus with large pink and white blooms are blooming on the hill area behind the patio.

On the raised wooden patio is a hot tub, Jeff says is his "water element." He says there are no plans for a water garden like the one featured in last week's Yard of the Week article. We suggested it would be perfect in this setting. Annette agreed saying she could picture a water garden in this area, too.

A patio table, sitting areas and pots of flowers grace the deck. Annette's favorite pot held the petunia, Millions of Bells, with a hibiscus in matching shades of pink and gold.

Another pot contains petunias of salmon, burgundy and the pink and gold chimes. Large white pines planted by Jeff and Annette when they first moved into the home in 1993 give a woodsy feeling to the patio. An iron deer with tiny lights and torches in the ground around the deck create a festive feeling in the evenings. A back trellis has morning glories and clematis. There are pots of sweet potato vine and mixtures of flowers that will continue to be pretty this fall. This patio area is well used. Jeff and Annette both have busy careers. This is a quiet place where they can meet and catch up on each other's news at the end of the day or drink a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning before they begin their day.

Brett, Anthony and friends are in and out of the house, on the patio and off to ball games. Also using the deck are three cats and two dogs who are part of the family. A Brittany spaniel, Aggie, 13 years old, is gentle and quiet. Hugo, the Bagel (Bassett-beagle mix), is a notorious escape artist who knows when company comes so he can slip out the patio door as they come in.

As we leave the patio area, next to the bull dog 'entry' is another flowerbed bordered by brick. An iron turtle in this bed represents Annette's family heritage, the Turtle Mountain Chippewa from North Dakota. Plantings in this bed include blue flowering ageratum, zinnias, red salvia, two types of coreopsis, ornamental grasses, including Maiden grass and live-forever.

A mixed planter of red chimes petunias, vinca and sweet potato vine is beside the front garage with an iron works butterfly for accent. There is also a large red rock from the Manhattan area, a glacier erratic outcropping, found by Jeff and a geological friend while turkey hunting. A variety of bushes including a Mugo pine are planted by the front door. The perennial, lythrum is also blooming in this area. Stella d' Oro day lilies surround a red bud tree at the corner of the house and a row of lilac bushes make a border along the South side.

Two young maple trees are planted on each side of the driveway.

Annette's love for flowers came from parents, especially her dad who loved to surprise their family each year by planting something new for them and letting them find it in the garden.

Jeff and sons provide the muscle for all of Annette's projects. Jeff and Brett moved all of the rock for the areas during a time when Anthony had a broken arm. Annette laid the brick around the flowerbeds. Annette has on going plans for her flowerbeds and it includes moving dirt, rock, and perhaps making a new sidewalk of Baldwin City brick. Look out men. It sounds like hard work.

Jeff likes to mow and weed eat. He laughed as he said this gives him back his Western Kansas farm boy feeling when he's out on his tractor. He says he doesn't pull weeds.

Jeff and Annette celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary this past week. Laura Morford took their grapevine wreath, which had seen better days, and turned it into a lovely summer wreath with sunflowers and other silk flowers that Jeff then gave back to Annette for the front door area. He gave it to Annette before we began our garden tour.

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  • Gardening quote:

They are wisest who can learn from everyone they meet they are wealthiest who treasure the simple joys of every new day.

Every blossoming flower whispers the secret of creation.

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