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Police car set to be purchased

July 18, 2001

The Baldwin City Police Department will soon have a new patrol car.

The Baldwin City Council, in a 4-0 vote, approved the purchase of a 2001 patrol car Monday night.

The car will be purchased only after sealed bids from the dealers are received. The lowest bid that does not exceed $21,000 will be the car purchased by the city.

The city has already budgeted the purchase of one car this year and two cars to be purchased next year. All of Baldwin's current patrol cars have more than 100,000 miles on them.

The new car will be a 2001 six-cylinder model with a police package, which will include items like heavy duty brakes, tires and an electrical system.

After reviewing the four bids police chief Steve Butell had received on Ford and Chevrolet vehicles, council member George McCrary said he would like to have sealed bids from the dealers.

"I'm not against curtailing the purchase of a car," McCrary said. "I'm just asking that it comes in a sealed bid form."

The four current bids the city has are from Crown Chevrolet in Lawrence for $20,465; Shawnee Mission Ford for $20,765; Olathe Ford for $21,591 and Pundmann Ford in St. Charles, Mo., for $20,945.

McCrary said he thought with sealed bids, the dealers would become more competitive and the price of these vehicles would decrease.

"Strictly guessing, they might give you a little better deal," Butell said.

Because the cars are already on the dealers' lots, concern was raised about the future availability of these vehicles.

"What if Crown Chevy sends in a sealed bid, and then that car's not available anymore?" council member Marilyn Pearse said.

The amount of time spent on receiving the sealed bids was also an issue.

"My concern is that we have at least one vehicle that needs to be retired shortly," Mayor Ken Hayes said. "Will we spend more in maintenance waiting for these bids instead of just purchasing one now?"

To solve the concerns, the sealed bids will be opened Thursday and the new patrol car will be delivered within seven to 10 days after purchase.

In other business, the council discussed a 10-acre section of property in FireTree Estates that developer Jerry Donnelley wants to donate to the city for park lands.

Pearse wanted to know if the city would have the ability to maintain the land.

"That's a loaded question," assistant utility director Bill Winegar said. "It's in a flood plain. It's a disaster area. Right now we don't have the equipment to clean it up.

"It could be a beautiful place," Winegar said. "The piece of property has a lot of merit to it, but it needs a lot of cleaning up before you should accept it."

Council member Ted Brecheisen said he wasn't sure the city should accept the property at this point in time.

"Until this is looked into better, I don't think we should accept it," Brecheisen said. "I just don't want to take any action on this tonight."

City attorney Bob Bezek said the city could accept the property, not as is, but a finished product.

Hayes suggested designating a committee to make a list of conditions the city wants met before it accepts the land.

"I think the message we should send is that we're interested in this property with a list of conditions," he said.

The council agree the public works committee will complete a conditions list.

In other business the council:

met in executive session for 10 minutes, then approved 4-0 to give Winegar a $1,651 raise.

heard a report from the finance committee. The public budget hearing is 7 p.m. Aug. 6. Pearse said the city will be able to offer Baldwin residents at least a three-point drop in the mill levy. Last year's mill levy was set at 44.654 mills.

approved ordinance 1062 designating the Baldwin City Signal at the city's official newspaper.

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