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Letters to the Editor

July 11, 2001

To the Editor:

On behalf of the American Heart Association, I would like to thank the citizens of Baldwin City for helping to make this year's Cardiac Arrest event such a success. The event raised over $2,600 to benefit the American Heart Association and help in the fight against the Nation's number one killer cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The American Heart Association has funded nearly $1.7 billion in cardiovascular research since 1949. Thanks to such fund raising efforts as Cardiac Arrest, the American Heart Association has also developed useful educational programs targeted toward all ages in order to teach them how to combat heart and blood vessel diseases.

I would like to thank the following people and businesses who have helped to make this successful event possible:

Parole Board: Sue Brown, Robin Clevenger, Eloise Craig, Patty Flory-Evans, Kelly Garrison, Star Novak, Vickie Weaver, Patty Wiseman; Judge: Larry Paine; Baldwin City Public Library, Walt's Pizza CafSanta Fe Market, Baldwin City Market, Pizza Hut and Baker University.

Again, thank you to the citizens of Baldwin City for your support of the American Heart Association. We're fighting for your life!

Mary Lou Clark

Northeast Regional Director

To the Editor:

Well, it is time again to voice my opinion and others. First, when a call was taken at the police station of a van being stolen, they were told it would be a while since it was shift change. I don't care if the incident happened an hour before or five minutes. When a call is put in to the police, it is to be gotten on to at the time. I believe officer Dempsey answered the call. I suppose if the bank was being robbed at the time of shift change, they would have time to get away.

Also those signs that read 'no left turn to park' are really a joke. We see it done all the time. There could be an officer on foot walking the beat down town. Walking is still permitted. I believe Chief Butell is doing a good job except being too soft on his officers, otherwise, he probably does as good a job as he is allowed by certain people.

A man was telling me that when the Relay for Life was going on, he parked in the no parking area so he could get the wheel chair out to put his wife in. When he came back out, he had a ticket which he said he earned, but a few days later, he said at the stadium there were cars parked all along that side and not one had a ticket.

I was born in the country here in Baldwin and it has been that way, way back then. I think it is way past time that all obey the laws no matter who they are or what they belong to. So much for that, right now.

The next subject is the new mayor and council. This about having a quorum that the four can meet without including the other two council people is for the birds. This is not a good ole boys club. It is a serious business to include all our council at council meetings where the public can attend and hear what business is being discussed and have input on it all. There is a thing called recall. It would be a lot of trouble but can be done.

Also, we think a lot of the employees driving city vehicles home is not necessary and it puts more expense to the city. They all can drive their own cars to work as well as other employees.

More can be said but I can resurface again. Until then, have a good day. Also, we all need to get to the council meetings if we can remember them. As I said, have a good day.

Phyllis Hobson

Baldwin City

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