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Browns take home weekly yard honors

July 3, 2001

This unique home at 403 Chapel Street is painted soft yellow with navy shutters. The trim around the windows is white as well as the white porch. The Brown family is ready for the 4th of July with red, white and blue bunting hanging from the porch railing and red, white and blue flowers planted in the front flowerbed.

Eric, 17, Emily, 15, Taylor, 8, and Tucker, 6, keep Dan and Jill Brown busy with ballgames, swimming and other summer activities. So the yard plan is to keep it bright and pretty around the front porch, green grass with trees and a fenced in back yard area with play equipment, trees, grass and plenty of room for the English Springer Spaniel, Riley, the children and their friends to play. The simplicity of a small but colorful flowerbed can still make quite a statement as this yard demonstrates.

There are two white painted Adirondack chairs in the front, side yard of this corner lot. Son, Eric made two more chairs for the front porch. A swing hangs from the porch ceiling. This porch is like an extra room for the younger children to play and for the entire family to relax outdoors. A sunburst face by the front door and a sunflower rug create a cheerful greeting for guests. On each side of the stairs leading up to the front porch is a colorful flowerbed. Jill has planted the beds with the same arrangement of shrubs and flowers and its symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Two hanging baskets of impatiens hang from the porch

With yews as a background, next is a row of zinnias, a fairy rose, full of soft pink blooms, hostas, a barberry bush, a conical dwarf juniper, blue meadow sage, red, pink and white begonias, pansies, red and white vinca, deep blue petunias, a variegated euonymus, boxwood and another plant of blue meadow sage. Jill's sister sent kits to made the stepping-stones that are placed among the flowers. Each of the children used bright blue stones and shells from a trip to Florida to make their own stone. There is also a sun face flower stake next to the stairs. A maple and walnut tree are in the front yard and the side yard has a nicely shaped Bradford Pear tree. Yew shrubs are planted next to the foundation on the side of the house.

The back yard has a row of pine trees, plantings of several nice sized trees, which include maple, walnut and fruit trees. There are plenty of chairs and a picnic table. The deck is covered with colorful towels drying from a recent trip to the swimming pool. I always enjoy seeing this decorative touch of summer! Riley was sitting on the deck standing guard over the family's play area.

This yard is an example of simple beauty, well done. It creates a picture of Americana Summer and the 4th of July.

Danny and I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Day lilies Danny's mom has given us are in full bloom. Stop by and visit our garden at 1102 Dearborn. We enjoy having people stop to visit. We still are working through the nominations people send to us. We appreciate the help and will probably need more nominations to finish the summer and fall. Our phone number is 594-3959 or e-mail us at

Gardening quote of the week:

"It would never occur to most gardeners to write a poem or paint a picture. Most gardens are the only artistic effort their owners ever make." Hugh Johnson

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