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Just saying thanks

January 10, 2001

The task of writing a column every week sometimes get to be a big chore. There are times when I sit down at the computer and stare at the screen for hours. This seems to be one of those weeks. And yet, it has to be done, and so I get down to it. It reminds me of all the people who make it possible for me to have this opportunity.

The nature of any job is one of cooperation and tons of people doing the unseen, out of the limelight. That is certainly the case with my job here. I am very much appreciative of the strokes and "Atta boys" I get from so many of you in our community. In fact, I have been overwhelmed at times at how gracious you all are to me. Words of encouragement and thanks concerning the programs we offer, as well as compliments about this column are a regular occurrence for me. I appreciate it tremendously. The truth is that it really makes me feel good. But mostly I am just the front man for a whole bunch of people, many of whom are the very ones that are stroking me.

When you begin to take stock of the individual people who consistently work and volunteer their own time to provide leisure activities for their kids and others in the community, the list is endless. For basketball alone, we have about 80 people who are giving hours every week to make the basketball program work. The Superintendent of Schools, the Principals at the Elementary and High School buildings, the Athletic Director and janitors are highly supportive of our community programs. People at Baker University and the City of Baldwin all give time and provide facilities and support to make things happen. The Commissioners spend hours and hours every month taking time away from their families and sometimes their jobs to help guide the work and keep me in line. The Recreation staff works more hours than any person should have to just to insure that buildings are open, schedules get printed and the hundreds of calls a month get answered. Frequently, I simply stand in the corner until I am told what to do.

The health of any community can be judged by the involvement of the people in that community. We have so many folks that consistently provide volunteer services to the community at large. It shows how healthy and vibrant we are. It makes it a great place to work.

Thanks for all the compliments. It only shows that we are working together to make our community a better place to live.


Jan. 13 First games for the basketball season.

Jan. 14 Softball pitching clinic (4 weeks)

Jan. 21 Softball skills clinic

March 24 Boater's Safety Course. More details to come.

Adult Basketball (4 on 4) registrations are being accepted now. Cost is $75 per team. Contact the office for more information.

Basketball Pictures: I am sorry about the announcement that we would take pictures at the clinic last week. After we got to talking with the photographer, it became apparent that we would not have enough time to do that, so we will be taking the 3-6 grade pictures this week at the games and the K-2 next week at their games. Sorry for the change.

Monte the Dancing Bear just kinda shuffling along. Baldwin City Recreation Commission; 820 High Street; Phone, 594-3670; e-mail,

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