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It’s time for a change

January 10, 2001

Citizens of Baldwin. Since I last wrote to the editor we have seen quite a display put on by the city council of Baldwin. In the last few weeks we have seen our electrical rates increase by a significant amount. We have seen our city administrator's salary increase by a significant amount. And in the mayor's "State of the City" address we have plans in the works for 2001 and beyond that will cost, a significant amount. And my frustration with the decision making apparatus of Baldwin City has, you guessed it, increased by a

significant amount.

With all these factors in mind I began to speak with other citizens that are interested in changing the direction that our city is headed. The current administration which claims to be fiscally conservative has proven to be anything but. After consultations with these other candidates I decided that I will openly declare my intention to run for mayor. This decision stems from my opposing view on a host of issues. I oppose the city council on buying the ground southwest of town for a business/recreational park. The idea for both of these parks is good, but the location and cost to an already overtaxed

city is unacceptable. I oppose the city clinging to an antiquated means of generating power. We are told the power plant is a "money maker" but our kilowatt rates per hour for power in Baldwin are higher than any community around us. I oppose the reluctance of the current city council to give USD 348 a price break on power. The city council hesitated on what I consider to be a "no brainer" decision to help the school district. Educational dollars should be maximized on teaching our children, not on the "money maker" power plant we are saddled with. I oppose selling off assets the city currently holds such as the Baldwin City lake. Mr. Paine publicly made the comment about selling the lake if the price is right, and this has been echoed by several council members. Why liquidate assets we have that the citizens of Baldwin enjoy, and could develop as parks, to pay for projects that we as a community do not want? In short why sell a lake we own to buy a high priced pond from Mr. Faulkner. This idea is ridiculous. The list of decisions and views held by the current administration that I am opposed to seems endless.

I ask the citizens of Baldwin to elect a new mayor and three new city council members in April. We are being taxed and utility charged to death, and the administration will not hear our concerns or elaborate on there "vision" of plans for the city. I do not claim to have the answers or a quick solution to our city's problems. It will take years of hard work to correct some of the mistakes that have been made, and problems that have been ignored. But as mayor I will promise you this I will approach the position of being your

elected city leader with an open mind, and listen to the people's concerns.

The days of a mayor who ignores the public and a council that rubber stamps decisions must end. I call upon all the city's population to register to vote, and participate in the coming election. We are at a turning point with this election and we need new leadership. I formally request your assistance in this endeavor to make Baldwin a better city, that we can all afford to live in.

Ken Hayes

Baldwin City

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