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New year brings new contract to Baldwin City administrator

January 3, 2001

(Editor's Note: The City Council approved all changes to its contract with City Administrator Larry Paine. However, the council met briefly in executive session during Tuesday night's meeting, then voted to table a decision on the city administrator's car.)

A new car and a raise were parts of a contract extension offered to City Administrator Larry Paine on Tuesday night. The Baldwin City Council was expected to approve the new provisions of the contract at Tuesday's meeting, which was held after The Signal went to press.

Paine's 2 1/2-year employment contract with the council expired Sunday. He said the new contract is not limited to a length of time, includes the addition of a 2001 Ford Taurus for his use, and adds some changes, should he be terminated or unable to work because of a disability.

Paine's salary will increase from $65,000 to $68,000 a figure that is set by the council and the length of the contract is not a specified term. He said the contract is for as long as he and the council want to work together, which he hopes will be until he retires.

"My objective is to work here until retirement age," said Paine, 53. "There is an advantage to having staff with longevity. We haven't had a lot of that here."

Paine said the $15,000 Ford Taurus was part of an agreement with the council following his annual evaluation in July. He said the car will be used primarily for city business, yet he will be able to use the car for personal use as well. Some other city employees, such as the city clerk, also will be able to use the car, Paine said. And if Paine should leave his position, the car will remain with the city.

"The mayor is tired of me riding shotgun with him," Paine said laughing. "We have a number of places we go. If it's just the two of us, it's fine."

Paine said his older Ford Mustang is not professional or comfortable enough for trips with more people.

"Taking the Mustang out on the road is out of the question," Paine said. "It's ancient. It doesn't have a heater. That more or less limits taking your staff."

Also part of the contract agreement was an extension in termination pay from six months to nine months. Paine said that's about the amount of time it would take to find new employment with another city.

And the length of disability leave was increased from four weeks to six months. Paine used an example of having a heart attack as the need for the increase. The recovery period could last longer than four weeks, he said.

What it all boils down to, is that Paine wants to stay here.

"The longer you have management staff around, the more they understand what's going on in the community," Paine said. "I can do my job better in the future than I can now, because I will know more about it."

Also at Tuesday's meeting, Mayor Stan Krysztof delivered the annual "State of the City" address. The full address is available on The Signal website,

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