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Chiropractor opens office

February 28, 2001

Jeremy Rodrock, a native of Leoti, has opened Rodrock Chiropractic at 816 High Street, Suite B.

Rodrock is a December graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Mo. After graduating, he wanted to return to a small-town environment, and did so with the help of Zach Barker. Rodrock's office is located in the same building as Barker Family Pharmacy. Rodrock said he knew the Barker family growing up in western Kansas.

However, it was his mother, who worked for a chiropractor, and an injury he sustained playing high school football that led Rodrock to the chiropractic field.

"I got my health back using chiropractic care," Rodrock said of his chiropractic treatment.

In brief, chiropractic health care focuses primarily on spinal function and its relationship to the nervous system and good health. Rodrock said there is a direct relationship between good health and a normally functioning nervous system.

"I believe chiropractic care can help everyone," Rodrock said. "I see it as a big part of the future. I think people are looking for alternative care. They want to be healthier."

Rodrock offers chiropractic care for the entire family, including infants.

"I have treated them as young as six weeks," Rodrock said. The need for infant care can be colic, or just the physical stress of birth.

Rodrock also treats injuries, including sports injuries; headaches; low back pain; neck pain; and arm and leg pain to name a few.

Rodrock combines chiropractic treatment with patient education. That education may be how to sit with correct posture at a computer, or exercises to do at home.

"I want to use every tool possible to make a patient well," Rodrock said. "Education helps them get well quicker."

Massage therapy with a massage therapist will also be available to Rodrock's patients.

"Massage releases a lot of toxins in the muscle and increases blood flow, which allows patients to relax and heal faster," Rodrock said.

The phone number to Rodrock Chiropractic is 594-4894.

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