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Rebman apologizes

February 21, 2001

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for not appearing at the public forum on Thursday night. I, of all times, had to pick this time to catch the flu bug. I had come down with it on Tuesday morning and I had hoped to be rid of it by Thursday. I hated to miss this forum as I do have several reasons for running for the city council.

The first and foremost is, in my personal opinion, that I believe the city is growing too fast for the facilities, the power plant and the disposal plant. They can only take on so much and something will have to be done. I think we should take care of what we have, and maybe later take on more.

When I worked in Baldwin as police chief, I could see that we needed more recreational things for the younger generation to do, and also older persons. It is true that it isn't up to the city to take care of the younger generation, this is up to the parents. We have so many of these children going to Ottawa and Lawrence for different reasons, so why not have something for them here in their own home town.

Again I apologize for missing the forum because I would rather face the general public, person to person, than have to put it in this way.

George Rebman
City council candidate
Baldwin City

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