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Educator favors Cohen

February 14, 2001

To the Editor,

As a parent of three children and a teacher of Baldwin's teen-agers for the past 16 years, my greatest concern in the upcoming city election is that we provide for the children of Baldwin.

City council candidate Todd Cohen and his family chose to live in Baldwin and become an active part of our community because they value what many of us do the wonderful place that Baldwin is to raise our children. However, Todd Cohen is also aware that although we have a growing number of athletic and fine arts activities for our children, our city has missed out on several opportunities to expand these efforts. Todd Cohen realizes that we must maximize the community resources that we do have (i.e. Baker, U.S.D. 348, Baldwin Rec., the Maple Leaf Committee, etc.) and work to involve them and the rest of the community to join our efforts together and proactively plan for the future of Baldwin.

The key to our children's future is having council members who do not fear change in Baldwin, but will actively take steps toward guiding that inevitable change in ways that will benefit us the most. Todd Cohen is the choice for our future. Please exercise your right and privilege to vote on Feb. 27.

Laura Beaulieu
Baldwin City

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