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Citizens donate land to city for Media Park

February 7, 2001

The Baldwin City Council has accepted the donation of land to be used for a park. On Monday night, council members graciously accepted eight lots in West Baldwin from Arthur Ziesch, 1715 South. The lots, which are not contiguous, are in the vicinity of the Ives Chapel Methodist Church.

Four of the 42-foot by 120-foot lots are located on the north side of South Street, abutting Summit Street. Two lots are on the west side of Summit Street, south of South Street. Two more lots are of the east side of Summit Street, south of South Street.

Plans for the park could include a "little league" ball field and a picnic area ideas from Mayor Stan Krysztof. City Administrator Larry Paine said the park will be equipped by standard play equipment hopefully within the next year. Paine noted that there is no city park on that side of town.

The park will be named Media Park, honoring the name of the area before it was annexed into the city.

"We haven't decided what to put where," said Paine, who expects that all the lots can be used as a park area. "Part of the lots are on one side of the street. The rest are on the other side."

City attorney Bob Bezek provided several options for the city to accept the donation of the land. Ziesch agreed the land will be transferred to the city upon his death. In the meantime, the city agrees to pay taxes on the property and construct a park.

"He wanted to make sure it would be a park forever," Paine said in coming to an agreement with Ziesch. "He was firm about that."

Council members were thankful for the donation.

"How can we go wrong?" asked Gene Nelson.

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