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MSES takes trip around world

December 19, 2001

A walk down the hallway of Marion Springs Elementary School turns into a trip around the world and a closer look at other countries' Christmases.

For the month of December, the classrooms at MSES participated in the Around the World project. Each class studied a designated country and its Christmas traditions, including France, Finland, Mexico and Australia. Then the classes decorated their doors showing what each one learned about their different Christmas cultures, fifth-grade teacher Charlene Potter said.

"The kids have really gotten into it," Potter said. "They have really enjoyed it."

She said the classroom teachers chose the country the class studied, many based on their own heritage.

Each class studied about the country incorporating it into the curriculum.

"They've done activities and the librarian has gotten books," Potter said. "It's been fun for the kids to do the research."

Fifth grader Hali Lyons said her class studied Denmark.

"Their favorite holiday is Christmas," Lyons said. "They spend a lot of time getting ready for it."

She said she liked learning about a different country.

"It was fun," she said. "You don't hear about Denmark every single day. In fact, I didn't even know about Denmark."

Her favorite aspect of Denmark's Christmas, she said, is its tradition of celebrating 12 days of Christmas instead of just one.

"If I could choose, I'd have the 12 days of Christmas," Lyons said. "I'd like that."

The 4 year olds in the Y.E.S. program learned about Finland, reindeer and Santa's workshop.

"That's where he makes Christmas toys," Sarah Arnold said.

The second- and third-grade class studied Mexico because one of their classmates, Karla Gallegos, is originally from there.

Second grader Clayton Duncan said Mexico celebrates Christmas Dec. 16, breaks open pis for the next eight days, and then goes to church Dec. 25.

"I like the way they open pis for eight days," Duncan said. "We never get to do that."

Gallegos said Mexico also has a Santa Claus, but he's different from America's Santa for only big reason.

"He speaks Spanish," she said.

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