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McDonald’s a step closer to Baldwin

December 19, 2001

Baldwin City is one step closer to getting a McDonald's.

The Baldwin City Council approved 5-0 Monday night the concept plans for a new McDonald's, gas station and car wash to be built by local business owner Frank Foye at the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 56 and Douglas County Road 1055.

The next step in the process will be the public hearing Jan. 7 for the rezoning of part of the property from residential to commercial.

There has been some opposition over the new businesses.

The State Historic Preservation Office is concerned the new businesses would encroach on the environs of the William A. Quayle House, which is just north of the corner.

Because the Quayle House is on the National Register of Historic Places, it had to be approved by the city council that there are no feasible or prudent alternatives to the proposal and everything is done to minimize harm to the property.

Foye had been working with the owners of the Quayle House, John and Lori Sieber, to find a solution.

"I made it clear I was willing to do whatever was needed to make the transition as smooth as possible," he said.

Architect Paul Werner said he and Foye had also been working with the Historic State Preservation Office.

"We've been trying to be sensitive to the historic property," Werner said.

A privacy fence, along with some additional landscaping, he said, would be added to the front of the existing tree line to help separate the house and the businesses.

John Sieber said he did have some concerns with the businesses, including the noise and trash, but wasn't against the idea.

"I'm not opposed to it," he said. "Sure I'd probably like nothing there. But I don't necessarily feel the building will be an encroachment on our property.

"What Frank plans to put in there will be an improvement on what is there now," he said.

Council Member George McCrary said thought Foye had tried to work out the best solution for both the Quayle House and his businesses.

"I think there's ample allowance of space between this historical location and the parking lot," McCrary said.

"(The businesses) could be a very strong asset to our community," he said.

In other business, the city council:

Approved 4-1, with Council Member Ted Brecheisen voting against, to accept the deed of gift of green space in FireTree Estates from developer Jerry Donnelly.

There are a few restrictions the city accepted along with the 10-acre green space, including the majority of the property will remain in its natural state and any additions or changes the city would like to make to the property must be approved by the FireTree Estates, Phase 3 Architectural Committee.

Brecheisen said he wanted the city attorney to look at the agreement some more before the council made a decision.

"I don't feel I can accept it the way he's got it written up," he said. "I think it's a win-win situation for him and not much for us."

Brecheisen made the motion not to accept the property, but it was not seconded, and the motion died.

Approved 5-0 cereal malt beverage licenses for Kwik Shop, Santa Fe Market and Walt's Pizza Cafe.

Approved 5-0 to amend the minutes of the April 20, 1998 city council meeting recording the adoption of Ordinance 1004, a prohibition against smoking in city-owned buildings.

The April 20 meeting minutes were silent and did not reflect the adoption of the ordinance.

The amendment to the minutes reflects the approval of the ordinance.

Met in executive session for 25 minutes to discuss personnel.

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