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Christmas time and more pie

December 5, 2001

It's not beginning to look like Christmas in Baldwin City. It's here.

Traditionally, it's the Tree Lighting Ceremony that really gets the holidays into full gear. Sunday's version was just that and more.

The second-annual Christmas Parade, which leads up to the tree lighting, was bigger and better than last year. In fact, there were 17 entries in the parade this year, a good three to four times as many entries as a year ago.

Parade organizers, most notably Peach Madl, were hoping that the parade would take off and it did. It was very enjoyable to watch the lighted floats and other entries.

There was also a good crowd on hand for the festivities, many more than in years past. That was good to see. It used to be pretty much kid-dominated with the chance to see Santa Claus light up the city Christmas tree. Although there were plenty of kids for that, there were lots of adults without kids or grand kids in the crowd.

They were there just for the Christmas of it, and that's what an event like this should be.

But the parade, lighting ceremony and Santa Claus wasn't all that was going on. Ives Chapel United Methodist Church had its annual Nativity scene display at Stacey's Dance Studio. Baker University had its Vespers programs before and after the parade. Several businesses in downtown and other areas of town had open houses and were serving traditional Christmas goodies, including hot chocolate. There were also groups singing Christmas carols.

It all made for a very festive Sunday in Baldwin City and really heated up the holidays.

But, it's not over by a long shot, either. This weekend's activities include the annual Holiday Homes Tour and the Christmas Tea Sunday, among others. Yes, it's looking a lot like Christmas, even if we're still wearing short sleeves.

God bless us every one.

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  • But, all the "look" of Christmas isn't good. There have been numerous complaints made about the Christmas decorations around town, specifically the snow flakes on the city street light poles.

Snow is supposed to be white. These flakes are not. Whether you call them brown or yellow or whatever, they're not too pretty.

Sharole Prahl of the Chamber of Commerce went so far as to send a pair of letters to the mayor and city council complaining about the snow flakes. I think she probably summed it up best:

"Images of yellow snow are not the kind I want brought to mind when someone thinks of Baldwin City..." Prahl stated in her letter.

Amen to that.

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  • And what about the "community" Christmas tree? Well, let's just say it's different.

What has amazed me is I've had the same response to questions about the tree from just about everyone I've asked. They all say it reminds them of the "Charlie Brown Christmas." You know, where Charlie gets the last tree left, puts one bulb on it and it bends over.

Well, this one isn't that bad. And it truly does look much better at night with the lights on.

I guess what really makes the difference is for the last two years the "community" tree has been way too big. They've been massive trees which couldn't really be decorated.

That's certainly not the case this year. It is a very unique tree and I've never seen one with that many lights. We'll all grow to love it.

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  • Speaking of growing, I'll go down my overweight problem one more time. In a column two weeks ago, I revealed that my doctor had told me I needed to lose 10 pounds. Well, that's brought a laugh from everyone I've told or who read the column.

But, David Jones, D.O., stopped by the office the other day with a chart and all sorts of formulas to figure ideal body weight. According to those figures, my ideal body weight would be 209 pounds.

Let's see, I weigh 180. That means I can gain, not lose, a few pounds. Bring me another double cheeseburger and a piece of pie. Nope, let's make that two.

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