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BPW offers scholarships

December 5, 2001

The Baldwin Business Professional Women's organization offers scholarships for a variety of continuing education students. Most scholarships are for those individuals enrolled in college or for those already in the workforce and desiring to continue their education. Along with the scholarships, interest free loans are available for up to $800, for those who meet the criteria.

A.) The Undergraduate Scholarship is available to a college sophomore, junior of senior enrolled in a four-year academic program at an accredited college or university.

B.) The Career Development Scholarship is available to individuals who have a career and want to broaden their education and/or increase their earning abilities.

C.) The Career Preparatory Scholarship is available to individuals enrolled in either a one or two-year academic/career/vocational/technical program that will qualify them for immediate employment or transfer to a four-year undergraduate program.

D.) The Sharon Wiber Young Careerist Scholarship is available to Young Careerists who have represented their local organization in district district/regional/state competition. The scholarship is for subjects that would increase enjoyable skills. Proof of participation in the Young Careerist Program must accompany the application.

E.) The Elsie Borck Health Care Scholarship is available to an individual who is at least a college junior. The individual must be preparing to practice in Kansas in one of the health professions.

F.) The Dena Nigus Memorial Scholarship is available to individuals of junior, senior or graduate standing in college who are preparing to teach special education in Kansas. This scholarship is renewable up to four semesters or two summers only if the recipient maintains a 3.0 or better grade average.

G.) The Carol Nigus Leadership Scholarship is available to an individual who is enrolled in a Kansas school of higher education who has demonstrated an extensive record of public and community service and outstanding leadership potential. The applicant must provide a written summary of their involvement in community affairs.

H.) Dr. Lewann Schneider Individual Development Scholarship is a $250 scholarship available to anyone who has completed the Individual Development course. It may be used to update or continue their career through education, attend a seminar or workshop or to attend the BPW/KS conferences, state convention, or BPW/USA National convention. The applicant must provide proof of completion of the ID course.

I.) The Mara Crawford Personal Development Scholarship is available to a woman who is already in the workforce and has a desire to better herself and her family. The applicant must graduated from high school more than five (5) years previous to applying for this scholarship. The applicant may be seeking a degree in any field of study and may be attending a four-year, two-year, vocational or technological program. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate that they have serious family responsibilities and obligations.

For information or to obtain an instruction packet and application, contact Lisa Robertson, 594-2911. Completed applications must be returned before Dec. 31, 2001

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