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Bash contests ready to go

August 29, 2001

Thanks to the generosity of several Baldwin restaurants and merchants, young Bashers will compete for nearly 300 prizes and coupons in a number of competitions. One of the more tasty contests featured will be the "Drop Back Pizza Pass" sponsored by Walt's Pizza. In this event, participants will have to drop back five yards from the starting point and hurl a football through a target's hole as a potential pass rush led by 6'9, 250 pound BU basketball player Pedro Dos Santos threatens the passer.

"Pedro is pretty excited about rushing prospective passers, especially after last year. In Bash I, Pedro had to wear a skirt and wig while serving as one of Elvis Presley's background singers so this should be easy for him. Last year he also was Greta the Golfing Geisha in the Super Scramble so he's approaching this assignment with quite a bit of enthusiasm," said Bash contest committee chairman, Rick Weaver.

Various other BU cagers will administer the contests including 6'5 Croatian Ivica Simac who will be in charge of the "Sonic Soccer Surprise." Contestants will have the chance to win a Sonic burger and drink if they can score a goal on a uniquely designed soccer free shot attempt. The "Long Bomb" event is sponsored by Baldwin Subway and youngsters will have to catch a pass for a touchdown against a variety of BU hoopsters. If the contestants are successful, they'll win a 6-inch sub and a drink.

"The Long Bomb should be a pretty easy way to win a sandwich because the Baker guys running the thing will have to play defense and that's not necessarily one of their strongest points. I'm sending my kids to that contest first," said Weaver.

"The Toes of a Chicken" event is sponsored by Santa Fe Market and if contestants can placekick a football through a designated crossbar, they will win a tasty chicken dinner and drink.

"Because of his well-recognized athletic ability, Frank Foye pretty much demanded that any contest sponsored by his business be a maximum test of athletic prowess. It's not easy to placekick a football through a small target but Frank was adamant in insisting that participants have a worthy test to earn the right to eat his tasty chicken," said Weaver.

Pizza Hut is offering coupons for the event and the contests will begin precisely at 5 p.m. on the Baker softball field adjacent to the parking lot west of Liston Stadium.

"We're going to try to keep the youngsters busy so the parents can relax and enjoy their meal and the Bash entertainment. The softball field is a fenced-in area which should help with the safety factor and there will be plenty of water available if the weather is hot. The kids ought to have a lot of fun and, hopefully, they won't take advantage of the Baker basketball players," said Weaver.

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