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Baker enrollment best in 20 years

August 29, 2001

Baker University enrollment hit a 20-year high Monday as classes began. From there it continued to the 900-mark on Tuesday.

"As of close of business Tuesday, we're at 900 students and we're expecting a few more to enroll during the week," said Annette Galluzzi, vice president of marketing. "At any rate, this is the largest enrollment we've had in 20 years here."

It's the highest enrollment by a long shot, too. That high-water mark 20 years ago was 869 students, which was also reached 10 years ago. In other years, enrollment has fluctuated below that 869 figure.

This year's big increase is attributed to many factors, Galluzzi said.

"I attribute it to two things Baker's great reputation and a lot of hard work," she said. "The Baker admission's staff, financial aid, regristrar's office, student life, coaches and activity sponsors, the faculty who talk to students and the Baker students themselves all worked hard for this.

"Really, everyone at Baker plays a part in recruiting students here," said Galluzzi. "We are a strong community and that is evident in all that we do."

Official enrollment numbers won't be counted until Sept. 24, but the all-time high number has created plenty of excitement on the Baldwin City campus.

"I'm just very happy and there's an air of excitement about all the good things happening here," she said.

Cheryl McCrary, director of admissions, is on that bandwagon.

"I think it went spectacular," McCrary said about enrollment. "We're thrilled. It's incredible, it's exciting. I'm speechless.

McCrary said the jump was due to two key factors.

"It's a combination of things," she said. "We did some things right in recruiting and retention."

Earl Kirk, Baker registrar, confirmed that. There were increases in all student areas.

"It's great news," said Kirk. "It's the highest enrollment in 20 years. We've done very well. We have more freshmen, more new students and more returning students. So, we're doing something well."

Student retention played a major role.

"Obviously our retention has a lot to do with successfully growing enrollment," said Galluzzi.

Enrollment will continue through Sept. 7.

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