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Common Baldwin Bash questions and answers

August 15, 2001

For those of us who were traveling abroad last year, what exactly is the Bulldog Bash and what's the purpose?

The Bash is a citywide tailgate party that is held prior to the kickoff of the Baldwin High home opener. The Bash is held in the parking lot west of Liston Stadium from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Tickets cost $25. The purpose of the Bash is threefold: 1. Draw a big crowd to the ballgame 2. Make some money for Baldwin youth activities 3. Have fun.

What do I get for my $25?

An entire family, regardless of size, gets in for the price of a ticket. An all you can eat barbeque buffet is set up with all kinds of tailgate goodies. Kids can participate in contests with prizes provided by local merchants. Live music and entertainment is provided. When you are done feeding your face, you can take the entire family across the street to the stadium and get into the Baldwin-Wellsville game.

You've got to be kidding! You mean I can feed my entire family, my kids can win all kinds of prizes, we'll be entertained by all kinds of fun stuff and we all get into the ballgame for a total price of $25?


So, say you make a profit on the thing. Where does the money go?

Any money made from the Bash goes directly back into activities for the youth of Baldwin. Any school organization is eligible to sell tickets and the more tickets an organization or group sells, the more money it makes. Football, student council, band, cheerleaders, PTO, wrestling, vocal, forensics, pom squad, etc, etc, etc all groups are welcome to get involved.

Seems like a win-win activity for everybody. Good food, cheap entertainment, a football game and profits go directly to the kids, right?


I heard the price of Bash tickets was $50 last year and now it only costs $25 what's up with that?

We don't need to raise as much loot and we wanted to make it more affordable plus, a $25 ticket is a lot easier to sell.

Yeah, but isn't it crazy to Drop the price of a ticket to $25 when you were able to get $50 a year ago?

No one said the Bash organizers are a mentally stable group.

All right, so what are the activities for kids?

There will be various contests involving football related activities (passing, punting, kicking, receiving) and a few other events where kids can receive coupons donated by local merchants. The events will be held on the Baker softball field. The field is fenced in so parents can "relax" to a certain extent. Last year nearly 300 prize coupons were given out.

Wow, sounds like fun. Are these contests complicated and who runs them?

They are fun. They're simple and they have to be simple. They are run mostly by Baker basketball players.

How about entertainment?

Well, there will be a sound system with some great tunes playing and there will be some live performances by the Baldwin band, cheerleaders and pom squad. Raffle winners will be announced every few minutes and there will probably be a surprise or two.

Man, the Bash is a great deal. Where can I buy a ticket?

Walt's Pizza, Santa Fe Market and The Lodge are official ticket outlets. Kids from various organizations and groups are selling tickets as well.

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