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Citizen upset with city council

August 15, 2001

To the Editor:

I have been made aware of the very disturbing activities within our city government. It was stated by the mayor that he wasn't going to do the Good Ole Boy system. The investigation of the police department is really only a personal thing. Our money is being used to satisfy the good old boys. The reason for it is to get one of the officers of their choice for police chief. Personally, the one they want to put in isn't even qualified to be a police officer but even though they will not find anything wrong, they plan to put their guy in and, of course, the new ones outnumber the good ones.

We need to clean up the council and mayor workings. There is no regard to guide lines and regulations of proper city procedures.

Yes, mayor, I will put out the venom as long as it is done honestly. Your venom before the election is not excused, just because it was you. You are not immune from it.

There will be procedures done soon for the behind the scene dirtiness.

Phyllis Hobson

Baldwin City

P.S. Becky and Danny McMillen should get Yard of the Week. They have a beautiful yard. Drive by and see it.

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