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Bash outlets are where?

August 15, 2001

For the second straight year, Santa Fe Market, Walt's Pizza and The Lodge are serving as the "official" ticket outlets for the Bash. According to Bash spokesman Rick Weaver, each has its own unique set of reasons as well as a few common characteristics that allow each business the "privilege" of being selected as an outlet.

"We needed three locations that were conveniently located and easily accessible. Also, we felt it was important to have businesses that have quite a bit of 'traffic' through them. We also found that all three not only had scotch tape but were able to use it to put up Bash signs and announcements," said Weaver.

In addition, Weaver pointed out that each business possesses a few special characteristics that allow it to be an attractive sales outlet.

"The intellectual stimulation available at Frank Foye's Santa Fe Market is incredible, especially in the early morning hours. Baldwin's version of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato can usually be found drinking coffee around 6 a.m. when deep thinkers like Bob Rohe, Delbert Sheldon and Don Johnson meet to discuss world issues. If one doesn't care to listen in on their discussions, one can always go outside and see some of the biggest and newest cars and trucks in the area. The gourmet chicken fingers and tasty fish available only add to the ambiance, not to mention the fact that Frank has established a strong reputation in the community with his golfing skills," said Weaver.

Walt's Pizza offers a different array of individual characteristics that make it equally attractive as a Bash ticket outlet.

"Some of the things on display at Walt's like the alligator, wooden statue and Nebraska memorabilia make the downtown eating establishment a one of a kind place and it's only a matter of time before tour busses make it a regular stop. Personally, Walt Faber and I both wear the same 'coaches' cut' style of shirt and he makes those of us who are a bit on the husky side feel good about our physical condition. Walt's has become a popular lunchtime hangout for local celebrities like Slade Dillon, Brian Butell, Bill Harmon and occasionally even Junior Brecheisen. It's just a happening place," said Weaver.

Despite all of the attractive features of Walt's and the Santa Fe Market, The Lodge looks to again be the top producing ticket outlet for the Bash. In addition to being a productive outlet, the Lodge has become the official headquarters for the Bash.

"The Lodge is a major benefactor for the Bulldog Bash. We've used the meeting room on countless occasions over the last two summers. While the level of morning conversation at The Lodge isn't necessarily as high as the intellectual verbiage at the Santa Fe Market, coffee drinkers such as local golf standout Larry Colson, the enigmatic Fred Plank and the deceptive Nick Constantinescu are frequently present to discuss community issues. Owners Peach and Ted Madl have got to be the biggest Bashers in Baldwin. In addition to donating The Lodge facilities, they're providing a couple of trailers, signs and other materials to be used in advertising. Peach is creative, intelligent, hard working, energetic and knows how to get things done. Ted was smart enough to marry Peach so you've got to give him some credit, too. The Bash would have a hard time functioning without The Lodge," said Weaver.

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